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myself included, who love everything to do about trains. The Tallulah Falls is one of those famous railroads that is known as the one that got away. It was one of the ones that could have been saved and they could have made something out of it. It even made an impact on Walt Dis- ney because Walt Disney made an offer to buy the railroad. He wanted to see it preserved and wanted to use it to make movies on. Everybody knows of the Tallulah Falls in the rail fan community- already left. (It) turns out they missed whether they know the railroad or the last ever passenger train on the the movies filmed on it, and every- railroad. My family was pretty in- body says that they wished that it volved with the railroad, whether it was saved. I think that trains now be riding all the time, working for it, have lost their romance. They have or helping maintain it. I don’t want to lost how unique and different they say “influential” in it, but they had a lit- were. I think that is why I am at- tle bit of a hand in it. tracted to this railroad. The train definitely shaped the way that Clay- I have had the privilege of working around artifacts and things from the Tallulah Falls. ton and Rabun County has developed. It is sad that it There are a lot of people out there who like trains, isn’t here to get the recognition it deserves. The train shaped the way that Clayton and Rabun County has developed. About the Authors: Hayden Deslich Adrian Aguilar I am Adrian Aguilar. Through- out the 12 years I have lived, I have been through a lot of rough times. I am not perfect and that’s why I am not worried when I make a mistake or if someone doesn’t believe in me, because it teaches me that I will always have God, my family, and friends, but especially my dad. He always believed in me and helped me with school and getting past all of the hatred in my life. Because of these faults, I will learn what not to do when trying to pursue my dreams as a scientist or actor. I hope to achieve my dreams and influence many other people to try their best and know that no matter what, God is always by their side. My name is Hayden Deslich and I am twelve years old. When I grow up, I want to be a Civil Engineer. To accomplish this goal, I need to be educated by going to college in order to be the one behind the desk drawing out a brand new robotic building. If I retire or am not able to be a Civil Engineer, I will become a missionary. I would go around the world to pray with people and tell them that there is a light in the world. His name is Jesus Christ. I also want to be known for doing the right thing and making the world a better place before I am in Heaven with the all mighty Lord and Savior. 11