Forza Large Format Display Catalogue - Page 61

LATEX LATEX PRINTING PRINTING • • • • • water-based inks • water-based inks odorless and safe for• theodorless environment and safe for the environment maximum print width•up maximum to 1,6m print width up to 1,6m prints suitable for various public spaces, as schools, • prints suitable forsuch various public spaces, such as schools, nurseries or hospitals nurseries or hospitals ready for use/application immediately after printingimmediately after printing • ready for use/application • most popular materials: Canvas • wallpapers, most popularfoils, materials: wallpapers, foils, Canvas N UV PRINTING UV PRINTING weight aterials, • • light-cured inks are resistant to external including UV radiation • light-cured inks factors, are resistant to external factors, including UV radiation maximum print width: to roll - up to 5 m, CMYK+WHITE printing – up to • rollmaximum print width: roll to roll - up to 5 m, CMYK+WHITE printing – up to • • • ability to print white •colour ability to print white colour ability to make double-sided • abilityprints to make double-sided prints most popular materials: (Frontlight, Mesh, Blockout, • PVC most vinyls popular materials: PVC Backlight, vinyls (Frontlight, Mesh, Backlight, Blockout, Tarpaulin, Airtex), textile Tarpaulin, fabrics up Airtex), to 5m width, foils (including textile wide fabricsrange up toof5m width, wide range of foils (including Magnetic Foil) and papers, Canvas, synthetic plates Canvas, – PVC, PMMA, Magnetic Foil) and papers, synthetic plates – PVC, PMMA, Polypropylene, Hips, Stadur or Dibond Hips, Stadur or Dibond Polypropylene, CATION OF MATERIALSOF MATERIALS SPECIFICATION adhesive- Suitable for plotting free Suitable Suitable for forSlip resistance Suitable for milling plotting milling Approved by National PVC-free Slip resistance PVC-free Approved by National Institute of Hygiene(PZH) Institute of Hygiene(PZH) Features of materials (weight, thickness, width,(weight, dimensions) are for information purposes only. Features of materials thickness, width, dimensions) are for information purposes only. 15 61 15