Forza Large Format Display Catalogue - Page 52

BOARD BOARD MATERIALS MATERIALS Choose a suitable Choose a board material: board mate ALUMINIUM ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE COMPOSITE BOARDS BOARDS aluminium composite boards aluminium with composite a polyethylene boardsfoam with core, a polyethylene foam core, available in various colours available (white,insilver, various other colours on request). (white, silver, This other on request). This m at er ial offer s per fect ba ml ant ecreiabl eotfw feeresnpw erefeigcht tbaanl adnrciegib de it yt w–eeitnisweigh t an d r igidit y – it is used to construct market stalls, used to advertising construct market panels stalls, and information advertising panels and information boards. boards. PMMAPMMA rigid extruded boards, used rigidmainly extruded for boards, backlit displays. used mainly Available for backlit displays. Available in transparent and milk versions. in transparent This material and milkis versions. successfully Thisused material is successfully used on walls in sanitary or kitchen on walls areas, in sanitary in advertising or kitchen panels areas, or into advertising panels or to make 3D elements. make 3D elements. 66 52 66