Forza Large Format Display Catalogue - Page 50

BOARD BOARD MATERIALS MATERIALS FOAMED FOAMED PVC PVC plates with a matt surface plates made withfrom a matt polyvinyl surfacechloride. made from Theirpolyvinyl chloride. Their properties are: relatively properties low weight, are: relatively low water lowabsorption, weight, low water absorption, are easy to process andare caneasy be to used process to produce and can signs, be boards, used to produce signs, boards, information panels, exhibition information stands, panels, letters exhibition and window stands, display letters and window display decorations. decorations. HARDHARD PVC PVC polyvinyl chloride platespolyvinyl with a smooth, chloriderigid, platesand with non-porous a smooth, rigid, and non-porous resistance to mechanical resistance damage, to mechanical low water damage, absorption,low water absorption, They are well suited forThey producing are well advertising suited forpanels producing or heavy advertising panels or heavy stands. stands. STRUCTURED STRUCTURED POLYPROPYLENE POLYPROPYLENE light and rigid boards resembling light and rigid layered boards cardboard. resembling The layered main cardboard. The main advantages of this material advantages are resistance of thistomaterial water and arelow resistance water and low weight. This is a good solutionThis for isproducing a good economical solution for producing promotion economical promotion boards. boards. 64 50 64