Forza Large Format Display Catalogue - Page 46

FLOORING FLOORING Choose the best suited Choose solution thefor best your suited needs. solution for your needs FLOORING FLOORING FOIL FOIL shops, schools, pharmacies, shops, supermarkets, schools, pharmacies, medical facilities supermarkets, etc. medical facilities etc. CARPET CARPET underneath. Sublimation underneath. prints on thisSublimation material allow prints to on obtain this material intense colours. allow to obtain intense colours. Carpet is suitable both for Carpet indooris and suitable outdoor both use. for indoor and outdoor use. EVENTEVENT CARPET CARPET polyester carpet suitablepolyester for sublimation carpetprinting, suitable which for sublimation allows toprinting, obtain very which allows to obtain very intense colours on this material. intense colours It is available on thisinmaterial. 3,2m width. It is available Event carpet in 3,2m is width. Event carpet is designed for indoor exposition. designed for indoor exposition. 60 46 60