Forza Large Format Display Catalogue - Page 45

port? amine if the ge areas Adhesive-free materials that can bematerials applied that on various Adhesive-free can be applied on various surfaces. Are you looking for aAre material that is for easy to applythat is easy to apply surfaces. you looking a material and remove, leaves and no traces of glue andnocan be easily remove, leaves traces of glue and can be easily repositioned? We recommend: repositioned? We recommend: ADHESIVE ADHESIVE used in short-term advertising campaigns information labels onas information labels on used in short-term as advertising campaigns household appliances &household audio/video devices.&This foil adheres to appliances audio/video devices. This foil adheres to smooth and glossy surfaces, canand be glossy used repeatedly andbe does notrepeatedly and does not smooth surfaces, can used leave any traces of glue leave after itsany removal. Note both sides of the traces of gluethat after its removal. Note that both sides of the foil have adhesive properties. When printed using solvent inks, this using solvent inks, this foil have adhesive properties. When printed foil can be applied usingfoil thecan printed side. using the printed side. be applied STATIC CLING STATIC CLING electrically charged polypropylene material polypropylene which adheresmaterial to all which adheres to all electrically charged dry interior surfaces: plasterboard glass, metal, bricks. It isglass, metal, bricks. It is dry interiorpanels, surfaces: plasterboard panels, environmentally friendly, environmentally non-toxic and recyclable. friendly, non-toxic and recyclable. …and other interesting self-adhesive materials…. …and other interesting self-adhesive materials…. POYUPO TAKO TAKO can usewith a system paper of micro allows synthetic papersuction with a cups, systemwhich of micro suction cups, which allows the material to many surfaces. Does not leave surfaces. any traces to attach the material to many Does not leave any traces be removed repeatedly. Yupo Tako isrepeatedly. 100% recyclable. and can be removed Yupo Tako is 100% recyclable. OTOTEX PHOTOTEX based on polyester andbased cellulose pulp. An and undoubted material on polyester cellulose pulp. An undoubted ge of this material is the possibility to use itisboth indoors to use it both indoors advantage of this material the possibility oned, does not reposistioned, leave any marks and notany damage does notdoes leave marks and does not damage aces. The surfaceany of Phototex delicate similar surfaces.has Theasurface oftexture Phototex has a delicate texture similar s. to canvas. lease remember thatPlease you can alwaysthat ask you for help choosing a suitable material. a suitable material. remember can in always ask for hel [[“\Y\ܜ[ٙ\ٙ\[ۘ[\ܝ \[BY\ܜ˜[ٙ\[Hٙ\[ۘ[\ܝ NB BNB