Forza Large Format Display Catalogue - Page 42

FOILS FOILS How to choose a suitable How tofoil? choose We aoffer suitable a wide foil? We o MONOMER MONOMER • basic self-adhesive medium • basic used self-adhesive for printingmedium - it presents usedmany for printing - it presents many ing ing boards or fair stands. boards or fair stands. • USEFUL FACT – prints • onUSEFUL foil withFACT gloss–laminate prints ongive foil with the impression gloss laminate give the impression of more saturated coloursofthan moredirect saturated printscolours on gloss than prints on gloss foil. • USEFUL FACT – matt•foilsUSEFUL are used FACT for indoor – matt foils applications are usedbecause for indoor applications because they diffuse light evenly (compared they diffusetolight glossy evenly foils, (compared which focus to glossy the foils, which focus the light). light). • USEFUL FACT monomer • USEFUL foil can be FACT used monomer with various foil can types be of used with various types of adhesives – permanent adhesive adhesives(for – permanent long-term outdoor adhesive expositions), (for long-term outdoor expositions), easily-removable adhesive easily-removable (for short-term expositions), adhesive (for grey short-term adhesive expositions), grey adhesive (allowing good covering(allowing of previously goodapplied covering graphics, of previously in order applied to graphics, in order to prevent the layer underneath prevent from theshowing layer underneath through). from showing through). GLOSS MATT GLOSS MATT CONTRAVISION CONTRAVISION (ONE WAY(ONE VISON) WAY VISON) • • used when graphics• areused to be when applied graphics on windows. are to beThis applied solution on allows windows. to This solution allows to present the desired layout present to thethe outside desired without layoutexcessively to the outside obstructing without the excessively obstructing the view on the inside. Thisview advertising on the medium inside. This is often advertising mounted medium on vehicles, is often mounted on vehicles, window shop displays orwindow windows shop of various displays institutions. or windows A special of various contravision institutions. A special contravision le in our offer. le in our offer. Note that the image•is fully Note visible that the when image the intensity is fully visible of lightwhen from the the intensity outside of light from the outside is higher. When the intensity is higher. is lower When on the the outside intensity(after is lower dark,onwhen the outside the light(after dark, when the light inside is more intense), the inside artwork is more becomes intense), partly the transparent artwork becomes . partly transparent . FROSTED FROSTED self-adhesive vinyl with frosted self-adhesive glass effect, vinyl with well frosted suited for glass printing. effect, well suited for printing. We recommend using this We material recommend for prints using that this are material cut into for prints that are cut into yourself. 56 42 yourself. 56