Forza Large Format Display Catalogue - Page 39

HTBOX LIGHTBOX material with apolyester very smooth material texture, withresembling a very smooth a thintexture, bannerresembling or foil. a thin banner or foil. xcellent materialIt for is an backlit excellent displays material – both forindoors backlit and displays outdoors. – both indoors and outdoors. L VEIL (52 g/m2) textilevery which thinallows (52 g/m the2) textile graphics which to be allows visible theongraphics both sides to be visible on both sides int. This materialofisthe used print. to create This material a 3D effect is usedontoprints create byamatching 3D effect on prints by matching 2 2 ers of fabric, e.g twopolyester layers of210 fabric, g/m e.g withpolyester veil in front. 210 This g/m creates with veil in front. This creates ibility to combine the prints possibility in order to combine to obtainprints the effect in order of depth to obtain andthe effect of depth and CROFIBER MICROFIBER ith high water abso ɉ)ѕѥݥѡɽѥ)݅ѕˊLͽɉ)ٕ)ɽѥ)ȸMՔ)ٕ)Ѽ)̀ȸՔѼ)́ѡ́ѕѥ)ɽѥ)͕ѡ)Ѽѕѥ))ѽݕ̰))͕̰͡)Ѽ)ѕ)ѽݕ̰)̰͡ѕ́((()ѕɥ̸(((((((0