Forza Large Format Display Catalogue - Page 38

TEXTILES TEXTILES TEXTILETEXTILE BLOCKOUT BLOCKOUT polyester fabric dedicated polyester for double-sided fabric dedicated prints. Aforcharacteristic double-sidedfeature prints.of A characteristic feature of this material is the presence this material of black is fabric the presence separatoroflayer black which fabricprevents separator the layer which prevents the image on the other side image from showing on the other through. side This fromsolution showingallows through. to print This solution allows to print two different layouts on each two different side of the layouts material. on each side of the material. BLACKBACK BLACKBACK 100% PES fabric with a100% blackPES reverse, fabricdedicated with a black for indoor reverse,expositions. dedicated Itforis indoor expositions. It is used when unwanted light used from when the unwanted back of thelight printfrom hasthe to be back blocked of the out. print Ithas to be blocked out. It is a perfect solution for wall is a system perfectprints solution used forduring wall system fairs and prints events. used Itduring has asfairs and events. It has as SATINSATIN polyester material with apolyester strong sheen, material wellwith suited a strong for interior sheen, design well suited products. for interior design products. ARTISTARTIST PREMIUM PREMIUM polyester fabric with a polyester dense weave, fabric excellent with a dense for large weave, format excellent backlit for ZEN large format backlit ZEN frames or similar systems.frames Another or advantage similar systems. is its Another width - up advantage to 5 meters is its - and width - up to 5 meters - and SOLVOTEX SOLVOTEX FLAG FLAG coated 125 g/m2 polyester, coatedavailable 125 g/m in2 5polyester, m width.available It is an in alternative 5 m width. for It is an alternative for 2 producing large prints, for producing which the large width prints, of the forstandard which the polyester width of 115g/m the standard polyester 115g/m2 SOLVOTEX SOLVOTEX in 5 polyester, m width. Excellent availablefor in 5 both m width. indoorExcellent for both indoor 240 g/m2 coated polyester, 240available g/m2 coated and outdoor use in various andexhibition outdoor use systems in various and hanging exhibition decorations. systems and hanging decorations. 52 38 52