Forza Large Format Display Catalogue - Page 14

VINYLS VINYLS OUTDOOR OUTDOOR Choose a suitable medium Choose a suitable m for outdoor advertising for outdoor advertisin TRUCK CURTAIN TRUCK / CURTAIN TARPAULIN / TARPAULIN high-quality PVC-coatedhigh-quality polyester fabric, PVC-coated whichpolyester is primarily fabric, usedwhich for the is primarily used for the production of side coversproduction for heavy-goods of side vehicles. covers forThis heavy-goods material features vehicles. high This material features high resistance to atmosphericresistance conditionstoand atmospheric mechanical conditions damage. and It ismechanical also easy to damage. It is also easy to keep clean. Material is suitable keep clean. both Material for welding is suitable and stitching. both for welding and stitching. AIRTEX / AIRTEX AIRTEX GREYBACK / AIRTEX GREYBACK material which is perfectly material suited which for any is perfectly applications suitedrelated for anyto applications tourism related to tourism and sunlight protection.and It issunlight characterised protection. by high-quality It is characterised and durability. by high-quality and durability. Additionally, it has a texture Additionally, similar to ittextile has afabric, texturewhich similargives to textile the material fabric, which gives the material a luxurious impression, especially a luxurious when impression, compared especially to commonly when used compared Frontlight. to commonly used Frontlight. Therefore, it can be successfully Therefore,used it can in interior be successfully design. This usedmaterial in interior is also design. This material is also 28 14 28