Forward Newsletter - Issue 21

issue 21 may 2016 01 15 FORUM ACTIVITIES MEDIA INTEREST IN SLASSCOM 17 MEMBER NEWS IT/BPM COMPENSATION BENCHMARKING REPORT OUT Pricewater house Coopers, Sri Lanka (PwC) recently concluded the 2015/16 compensation and benefit survey for the Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Management (BPM) industry in Sri Lanka and published a benchmarking report on behalf of SLASSCOM. The SLASSCOM-PwC compensation benchmarking report published is part of SLASSCOM’s initiatives to promote the workforce talent within the industry whilst also helping disseminate latest talent management practices in order to enable local companies to be globally competitive. As part of ongoing efforts to improve the benchmarking process, during this year, standardised industry job levels and a level wise competency framework was developed and employed in order to ease the comparability of results across companies. As local companies have endeavoured to grow, we have witnessed what can be perceived as a demand-led escalation in entry level graduate salaries for mainstream business areas such as software engineering and quality assurance within the IT sector. Salaries at the entry level on average witnessed a higher rate of increase in comparison to those at senior positions whilst budgeted estimates for 2016 indicate likelihood of witnessing further upward movement of these pay levels. The BPM sector in particular is noted to have been promoting Infrastructure Engineering, Information Security, PHP, Hyperion and Application Engineering have been reported as high demand areas of specialisation within the IT sector Continued in page 4