Forward July 2017 Forward July 2017 - Page 9

FROM THE HEAD OF SENIOR SCHOOL An ideal time for reflection As we approach what is a kind-of midpoint of the school year, particularly for our Year 11 and 12 students as they complete their mid- year examinations, it is an opportune time to look back on the year so far. A particular focus for me is always to reflect on the different opportunities we provide for our students, both in and out of the classroom, to enhance their learning and personal development. A simple stocktake at this stage of the year certainly leaves me feeling very encouraged about the opportunities which exist for our students to not just learn, but to learn more about themselves as they attempt and encounter many new things in their school life. to be put to work in the real world. They should be challenged, prepared for the experiences, and ready to receive feedback. By taking up a variety of opportunities from the extensive suite of options available at the School, students are able to experience self-discovery. As a school, I believe we are successful in our role of facilitating and providing as many of these opportunities as possible, and ensuring that students can undertake these activities in a low-risk setting as their capabilities develop. I am also equally impressed by the capabilities our students consistently demonstrate when taking up these opportunities (many of which you will no doubt read about in this edition of The Forward), and although success is not always a precursor for learning and enjoyment, it is motivating to witness the outstanding performances demonstrated by our students. In this edition of the Forward you will read about students excelling in Science and Engineering competitions, achieving the highest accolades in their chosen sport, grappling with the worlds of physical drama on the stage, and racing drones against trained sheepdogs! No doubt the stories of our Year 7 students will provide insight into the new opportunities they have encountered in the Senior School, with many of them likely to have competed in their first House debate, or maybe publicly played a musical piece for the first time in the Eisteddfod. As we educate students, we need to remember that what they are learning needs Each week our School Prefects encounter the opportunity to further develop their public Mr Brad Evans speaking skills, and more importantly embark on some personal reflection of our school values and their journey, and share personal stories about these through their public addresses at assembly. These only represent a small sample of the ‘outside the classroom’ activities existent at the School, each one enabling our students to learn and grow and put what is learned in our academic and pastoral programs into action. Mr Brad Evans Head Of Senior School Science and Engineering Challenge 2017. 9