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CHAPLAIN’S REPORT As is the arrangement, these days Father Barry and Father Philip share the chaplaincy role across the School with responsibilities in both the Senior and Preparatory schools while also being available to the broader school community, including not only staff, but student families and Old Guildfordians and their families; you might think it a rather large Parish! Grammar School, is the Archbishop’s Certificate in Theology which provides general but systematic instruction in a range of theological, biblical, historical and pastoral subjects. The courses are available to all people whether from schools, parishes or other Church agencies. Such a commitment represents a healthy and valuable engagement with and support of the mission of the Church outside of the School. Rev’d Canon Dr Philip Raymont Senior Chaplain Recently Father Philip was elected by the Diocesan Council to be a clerical Synod representative on the Cathedral Chapter which is the governing body of St George’s Cathedral. As such he takes the title of Canon. He continues to be Chair, Wollaston Theological College, which is the institution responsible for theological education, formation and training in the Diocese of Perth. He is also Chair, Archbishop’s Examining Chaplains’ Committee, which is made of ten people, lay and ordained, who are charged with the responsibility of discerning which of those people enquiring and in training are called to be clergy in the Diocese. An important new initiative of the Wollaston Theological College, which has been greatly assisted by Guildford 5