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OLD GUILDFORDIANS Heath Ledger’s (Wb 1987-1996) shirt that he wore in the 2005 Oscar-winning film, Brokeback Mountain, went to auction recently, priced at $26,200. The Western-style shirt featured fake bloodstains on it after being worn by Heath in a fight scene from the film with his fellow co-star, Jake Gyllenhaal. Heath’s life and career has been celebrated in a documentary called I am Heath Ledger and will be further celebrated in an exhibition later this year. The film is made up of home footage shot by Heath as well as commentary from his family, the director from Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee, and various actors including Naomi Watts, Djimon Hounsou, Emile Hirsch and Ben Harper. Also featured were Old Guildfordians Trevor Di Carlo (Wb 1991- 1996), N’fa Forster-Jones (Sc 1993-1996) and Kane Manera (St 1985-1996). Julian Tompkin (St 1990-1996) was featured in the West Australian newspaper (30 October 2016). He curated the State Collection of original WA artworks, a collection that opened as part of an exhibition for the 2016 Fremantle Festival. The article featured some of Julian’s favourite personal collections including instruments, artwork, novels and other miscellaneous items. Hendrik Lai (St 1993-1997) is currently working as a senior Executive Manager and the Head of Dental Business at Westfund Health Insurance. He also serves as Managing Director of American Pacific Investments, where he provides strategic management, quality management and health care management consulting services. Stewart Walters (Wb 1996-2000) made his twentieth 1st Grade century for Midland- Guildford Cricket Club in their Premier Cricket clash against Subiaco-Floreat in February 2017. The strong performance moved Stewart to second on the all-time century makers list for Western Australian 1st Grade Cricket. Adam Donegan (Wb 2001-2001) is a Senior Environmental Consultant and lives in Hillarys. At the time of writing this, he and his wife were happily expecting their second child. Benjamin Bullock (SG 2002-2006) is a criminal lawyer in Perth and secured a place in the top 24 of Network Ten’s popular program called Masterchef. He delayed a solo motorbike ride from Perth to Perth (Australia to Scotland) to raise awareness of depression and boost funds for the charity ‘beyondblue’. For now, he is learning about cooking and in five years’ time he hopes to open a small restaurant focusing on fresh, locally-grown seasonal, sustainable and organic produce. Clancee Pearce (Wb 2006-2007) was a part of Peel Thunder’s WAFL Grand Final win last year. Playing alongside fellow Old Guildfordian, Gerald Ugle (Be 2007-2010), Clancee managed 19 disposals on the day to help secure the win. In 2017, Clancee became an Assistant Coach of the Guildford Grammar School 1st XVIII Football team, alongside Ryan Crowley, the Head Coach and former Fremantle teammate in the Australian Football League. Dylan Collard (Ha 2007-2009), was featured in the West Australian newspaper for being part of a record number of Aboriginal students to graduate and accept their law degrees at The University of Western Australia (UWA). Dylan, along with five other indigenous students, accepted their law degrees at a UWA graduation ceremony. Dylan was also winner of a 2017 Western Australian Young Achiever Award (Community Service and Volunteering Category). the Western Bulldogs. Griffin kicked his first goal in Round 5 against North Melbourne. Gerald Ugle (Be 2007-2010) captained Peel Thunder to their first ever WAFL Grand Final win last year. Peel managed to beat Subiaco Football Club 79 points to 56 points at Domain Stadium. Gerald played alongside fellow Old Guildfordian, Clancee Pearce (Wb 2006-2007), kicking 3 goals and gathering 18 disposals. Charles Cassell (SG 2006-2016) took a wicket in his debut game this year in 1st Grade Cricket for Midland-Guildford Cricket Club. James Kerr (Fr 2007-2011) was a part of the winning crew for the Men’s Interstate Lightweight Four Championship at the 2017 Australian National Rowing Championships, held in Sydney. His crew successfully took out the Penrith Cup in a time of 6:05:79. Ethan Acott (Sc 2005-2012) and Ben Todd (Wb 2006-2013) were in a choir of 40 men that sung with Adele in front of 65,000 people during her show in Perth. David Moody (Wb 2008-2012), helped Western Australia beat South Australia in a tense Sheffield Shield match in Adelaide. He finished with 4-45 and bowled out the last wicket to dismiss South Australia for 192. SA were chasing WA’s total of 200 runs. Brandon Poletti (He 2009-2013) has released his debut music video for his original single, Waiting To Be Found. The music video was also directed by fellow Old Guildfordian Jesse Baker (SG 2009-2013). Jesse Glass-McCasker (Fr 2010-2014), now a Carlton Football Club rookie, has inherited the No.40 Jumper of recently retired, 150-gamer Michael Jamison. Fraser Pensini (He 2010-2014) finished second in the Under 23 Coxless Quad and third in the Under 23 Double Skull, representing the University of Western Australia Boat Club at the 2017 Australian National Rowing Championships held in Sydney. Ethan Aird (Be 2011-2015) was a part of the crew that came fifth in the Men’s Interstate Youth Eight Championship, competing for the Noel F. Wilkinson Trophy at the 2017 Australian National Rowing Championships held in Sydney. Zac Fisher (SG 2011-2015) was picked up by the Carlton Football Club with pick number 27 in last year’s National Australian Football League (AFL) Draft. He made his AFL debut this year in Round 4 against the Gold Coast Suns and kicked an impressive goal in his debut game. Zac wears the No.25 guernsey, the same number worn by Carlton legends Alex Jesaulenko and Brendon Fevola. Griffin Logue (SG 2010-2015) was selected with pick eight in the 2016 National Australian Football League (AFL) draft. He made his AFL debut this year in Fremantle’s Round 3 win against the Western Bulldogs. 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