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OLD GUILDFORDIANS SC Yip Study Scholarship for Old Guildfordians Cassius Hynam, the inaugural winner of the SC Yip Study Scholarship, is photographed here in Melbourne’s Docklands. The 2016 Captain of School, Cassius Hynam (Be 2011-2016) is the first Old Guildfordian selected for a new scholarship to support young leavers as they embark on their tertiary course or training. Made possible by a generous donation from SC Yip (SG 1961-1962), who currently resides in Malaysia, the SC Yip Study Scholarship for Old Guildfordians will provide each recipient with $1,000 to better equip themselves with appropriate study equipment, such as a laptop, stationary or books, to aid them with their new tertiary course or training. The focus of this scholarship is different from others in that it aims to reward Life Members of the Association that are of exceptional character and who have a tremendous work ethic, and does not place any importance on raw academic ability. To select the recipient at the conclusion of the academic year, each Head of House will nominate one departing Year 12 student from their house that best embraces the School’s values of excellence, respect, integrity, spirituality, teamwork and compassion. The next step is to rank each nominee based on their combined effort score (EPA) from the entire Year 12 Academic Year. The most highly ranked member will then be declared the scholarship winner. Cassius Hynam is an exceptional individual. His EPA score was a perfect 3.0, so it is no surprise that Cassius was rewarded for his tremendous hard work by being announced the 2016 Dux of School. Now at the University of Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Arts, Cassius is planning on majoring in Politics and International Relations, and Economics, with a concurrent diploma in Chinese Language. He is currently living at Queen’s College (one of the University’s residential colleges) where he also received the Macartney Faculty of Arts Entrance Scholarship, which comes with a small remission of fees, and is awarded to an Arts student entering the college “showing academic promise”. Cassius is thoroughly enjoying life in Melbourne and has been actively involved with the college thus far, with a highlight being winning the college cricket competition, among other things. At the time of writing Cassius was still deciding how to use the Scholarship, but he is considering putting it toward a language course to complement the international focus of his undergraduate courses. We offer Cassius our congratulations and wish him well with his studies. Update your contact details Keep your contact details current and login to the Association’s website to update your information. Other features for members include a business directory, tipping competitions, reunion photos, memorabilia and more. We will also keep you better informed about the activities of The Old Guildfordians Association and Guildford Grammar School. Log in here! We’re on facebook too! Join our Facebook page specifically created for the interests of Old Guildfordians. This page will complement the School’s existing page, with the sharing of relevant content, but the Old Guildfordians’ page will have a greater focus on news items, reunions and events that are more pertinent to former students, staff and families. We hope you will help us power up the Association, with greater connectivity, and like our page at 37