Forward July 2017 Forward July 2017 - Page 35

COMMUNITY Boarding Parents’ Association (BPA) 2017 got off to a steamy start with the Boarding Welcome Back BBQ Dinner for all boarding families and staff; for families new to both Guildford Grammar School and boarding, and for the ‘regular, back for another year’ families. It is always somewhat heart-wrenching watching the faces of new parents and their sons on that very first afternoon and evening, but then equally as heart-warming to see the transformation of those same families over the year. By Term 2 most boys are casually and independently moving around the boarding houses and school with their friends, they are getting to know the staff, and their parents are certainly looking much more relaxed and at ease. Interestingly, by the end of the year, whilst our boys are more than happy to be back at home with us, I’m sure they feel some sense of loss at not being with their friends on such a regular basis. The boarding community is a tight-knit group of like-minded people and it is that sense of ‘belonging’ that is a very special part of our school. By making the effort to be involved within the school community, whether it be boarding, sport, attending and assisting with parent and year group functions, means that we, both parents and boys, all benefit and grow from these connections. Our community remains healthy, strong and supportive thanks in part to our efforts. What a wonderful achievement and a great place to be. Mrs Christine Brown BPA Chairperson 35