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PR E PA R ATORY S C HO OL We believe there is kindness students in games if they are lonely and they have no one to play with. In the classroom, we help each other with ideas and listen to the teacher’s instruction and even when the teacher is out of the room we behave appropriately. We are kind and caring at home to our family members and we do the same as we do at school. Harmony Day 2017 Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Our diversity here at Guildford Grammar School, and in Australia, make them a great place to be and live. Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. It is held every year on 21 March and the day coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Tatem (3B): On Harmony Day we took a picture with all the people from Pre-Primary to Year 6 together and the teachers. The day was to remind us to be kind to others. Everyone! Everywhere! Some of our students were asked what Harmony Day means to them: Haider Khan and Liam Park (Year 2): Harmony Day is about kindness and respect for all people no matter what their skin colour, hair colour or eye colour is. Everyone in the Prep School wore their Kindness t-shirt on Harmony Day. It reminded us to be kind to everyone including our families. We are happy that we recognise this special day. Levi and Max (5T): On Tuesday 21 March and then on the following Friday, all the members of the Preparatory School wore special navy-blue t-shirts with Believe There is Kindness printed in white on the front of them. This was to promote Harmony Day and our theme of Kindness. On Friday 24 March, we all attended a special “Kindness” assembly then we had a whole Preparatory School photo taken in the nature playground with us in our t-shirts. In Art every student made wonderful, imaginative Kindness rocks which are displayed throughout the school. I personally enjoyed making the kindness rocks and seeing all the awesome designs and patterns that everyone created. I hope you enjoyed Harmony Day as much as I did and remember: Believe There is Kindness! Emma (Year 6): On 21 March we celebrated Harmony Day. One of our school focuses this year is Kindness and Mr Wight made us all T-shirts which said Believe there is kindness. In Art we all made colourful rocks with happy little faces, symbols or messages and we chose where to place them in the new playground. On Harmony Day we had a special Assembly and we took a photo of everyone in the new playground. It was very special because we were all wearing our t-shirts. On the holidays our task was to spread the word by wearing these T-shirts when we were out and about. We also took a photo of ourselves and sent it to Mr Wight. Andre (Year 4): On Harmony Day everyone in the Prep School wore Harmony Day T-shirts that said Believe There is Kindness and in bold it said Be The Kindness. In Year 4 these are the ways we are kind. Year 4’s help people in lots of different ways, like helping cheer up students and including Tunesday T uesday The School of Music at Guildford Grammar school is always looking for new and exciting performance opportunities in which to involve the students, and with the new buildings at the Preparatory School some great new performance spaces have been created. Towards the end of 2016 we decided to begin a series of Tuesday lunchtime concerts near the “Maze” in the small amphitheatre, to feature the Preparatory School ensembles, showcasing all of the hard work and practice these energetic musicians have contributed over the course of the year. The 2016 the Preparatory School Jazz Ensemble, Concert Band and String Ensemble all performed at fortnightly intervals, playing with great energy and spirit. These concerts were a roaring success and To be kind you can help someone when they fall down. If someone is sad you can help them by being their friend and playing with them. You can be kind to someone with a disability by reading a book to them or helping them pack their bag. I have worn my Be The Kindness T-shirt at home. I think I will wear it to the beach, when I go there. Kindness Day was really fun! Alistair (PPJ): We sang at the Assembly to show all the adults what Kindness is. Kindness is sharing and also helping some people that are hurt to feel better. Poppy (PPJ): We sang about Kindness at the Assembly to show that Kindness is a good thing. We need to learn about Kindness so we know to help and care for others. Kindness is when you help somebody. It is very nice to help people. Islay and Zeke (PPJ): Last term, Year 1 went to Assembly to celebrate Harmony Day. We had an amazing time. We wore our kindness T–shirts. These were dark blue and had writing on them. It said ‘Be the Kindness’. This means you have to be kind, caring and thoughtful to everyone even though they might be different. We had a fabulous day and my favourite part was wearing the kindness T–Shirt. it was decided that the concert series should continue into 2017. These performances have now been given the illustrious title of the “Tunesday Tuesday Concert Series”. The first of these concerts featured a Music staff ensemble with songs from The Wiggles, Star Wars, Chicken Dance and Wallace & Grommit. Over the coming weeks before winter arrives in earnest, the Preparatory School String Ensemble Two and Guitar Ensemble will be performing so keep an eye out for the posters advertising these performances! It has been great to see so many students supporting their friends by coming to listen and as parents are very welcome to come and watch, we hope to see you at a “Tunesday Tuesday” concert soon. Mr Martin Pervan Head of Brass Instrumental Music Studies 29