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AROUND THE SCHOOL SEQTA at Guildford Grammar School Guildford Grammar School has now been using SEQTA for several years and it has become an integral component of the school systems which assist Senior School teachers to not only manage the day-to- day academic lives of students (pastoral, attendance, assessment and reporting for example) but also provides the connection that binds the parent, student and school in a three way collaborative network. In order to optimise this collaboration there must be a commitment from the three parties: school, parent and student, to utilise the service provided to them. For all Senior School classes, there must be programs, future assessment dates and past assessment results available for each subject, all of which are visible to parents through SEQTA Engage and to students through SEQTA Learn. All teachers promote regular student access to SEQTA Learn by students to maintain their active involvement in the learning process. To complement and strengthen this bond, I would strongly recommend that parents also develop a regime of regular and routine checks in SEQTA Engage. Parents now have instant access to results as soon as assessments have been marked and entered in the SEQTA teacher marks book. The critical step at this stage is that parents can access the results before their child even gets home with the news. It is at this stage that parents may capture the opportunity to discuss the result at the point of need. Regular result checks would also reduce the incidence of unexpected surprises in your child’s report. After analysing the parent login data, it is clear that many parents are not regular users of SEQTA Engage and I would strongly suggest that a regular check of at least once a fortnight, which is a GGS academic cycle, would be recommended and preferred in order to support your child’s progress. If you have had any issues accessing SEQTA Engage then please contact either myself or Ms Gina Ilijich on 93779222. Mr Rod Manson Director of e-Learning 2018 Scholarships Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded scholarships for 2018. D’arcy Slater Scholarship Riley Heath Illawara Primary School Council Scholarships Harrison De Vos Illawara Primary School Bailey Harris Swan Christian College Matilda Hermann-Ralph (also awarded Open Music Scholarship) Perth College Liam Massey Guildford Grammar School Sean Mullins John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School Harrison Webster Guildford Grammar School 24 Harry Campbell Pope Scholarships Lee Benporath Swan Valley Anglican Community School Alliyah Galloway Marangaroo Primary School Nathan Schupelius Swan Valley Anglican Community School Open Music Scholarships Isaac Bhalsod Beechboro Christian School Callum Bickley Guildford Grammar School Olivia Crossen Guildford Grammar School Josephine Cymer M݅Y չM)!展M孕)!]卽AɥM=ٕȁM)եɐɅȁM)Mͽ)ɉȁɽٔAɥM%յхM͡) ȁ ɽѡȁM͡)ͽ!ݕ)ɕЁAɥMA)I典]ѕ)!]卽AɥM݅])եɐɅȁM Ʌ