Forward July 2017 Forward July 2017 - Page 23

SPORT Challenge Cup for the School for the first time in 24 years. With this victory, Joshua Logan (12Be), Joshua Laurito (12SG), Cody Yelland (12Wb), Michael Spadaccini (12Ha), Timothy Sander (12SG), Duke Gordon (11St), Flynn Daffen (11Wb), Joseph Woods (12SG) and Jasper Sharp (12St), and their coach, Tony Lovrich, write themselves into the School’s history books. We are exceptionally proud of these boys and their courage, tenacity and grace under pressure. We are proud of their ability to commit to a goal and pursue it, support their team-mates through the ups and downs of the season and represent the School with integrity and respect. Through their journey in rowing they have lived the values of the School and we commend them not just for their result, but their pursuit of excellence and the example that they leave for the students who follow them. the coaching staff, the Guildford Rowing Association and the very supportive parents who ensure this vibrant and successful part of our community continues to thrive. Well done to all of our Guildford Grammar School