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SENIOR SCHOOL China tour The 2017 China Tour commenced on Sunday 9 April, with a delightful seven-and- a-half-hour flight that left at midnight. Day 1 in Beijing entailed driving to the hotel, running upstairs to our rooms for the fastest showers ever, and then sprinting back down to the bus. From this point we headed out to one of the larger commercial shopping streets of Beijing. Mr Creuzot took the local culture to heart and ate a deep fried scorpion. That evening we consumed a scrumptious Chinese dinner, which was followed by the famous Chinese acrobatics show at the Chaoyang Theatre. That evening finished with a late night Maccas run, where Mr Creuzot really got into the Chinese culture, by eating a Taro pie. On the morning of day 2, almost all the boys were up by 6.30am ready for our lengthy bus ride to the Great Wall of China. To say it’s large is a bit of an understatement. You can look in one direction and never see the end. In the early afternoon, after yet another delicious lunch, we visited the Sun Village Orphanage, an orphanage that provides support for children whose parents have been legally imprisoned. We all spent another hour or so helping with physical work around the orphanage. In the evening we had the famous Peking-Duck dinner. Possibly the most eventful part of Beijing was the Silk Market, a multi-storey indoor market, where you could attempt to bargain for products. Day 3 had us visiting Tiananmen Square, and learning of its history. We then walked over to the Forbidden City, which was the old emperors’ palace. It had 9,999 and a half rooms. That afternoon we visited Jingshan Park to take part in an acrobatic activity, juggling and unicycle riding. From the hill in the centre of the park, we were able to observe Beijing from the centre, and really get an understanding of the size of this megacity. That afternoon we explored the backstreets of Beijing via people-powered rickshaws. At the end of this short journey, Mr Creuzot ate a goji berry icy pole coated in sugar. That night we relocated to Xi’an via overnight train. We were confined to cabins of four, and most people got a good rest for the first time in a few days. Rishi D’Souza 18