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SENIOR SCHOOL Science and Engineering Challenge 2017 Students from the Year 9 and 10 STRIVE Advanced Science classes competed in the regional Science and Engineering Challenge on Friday, 31 March at the Midland Railway Workshops. During the day-long competition, our students competed against seven other schools from across the Perth metropolitan area in a range of activities related to the fields of science and engineering. Each school was divided into eight groups of 3 or 4 students and each group worked on either one full-day activity or two half-day activities. In the morning session, one of our teams had to develop a code to quickly and accurately send messages using coloured pulses of light sent along an optic fibre, whilst another built a simulated robotic hand which was then tested to see if it could pick up objects and communicate using sign language. Other teams were challenged to design and build earthquake-proof towers, which then underwent static load testing and seismic testing (that is, shaken as in an earthquake), or to develop rail networks that conveyed trains in the most efficient way. The final half-day event was called ‘ElectraCity’ and required students to work out a strategy to provide electricity to as much of a simulated city’s infrastructure as possible at the lowest possible cost. The Guildford Grammar School teams excelled at the ‘ElectraCity’ event, scoring the two highest scores out of all forty schools that competed in the challenge during the week. Three teams worked on the complex full-day challenges. Guildford’s catapult team quickly assembled a working catapult and then refined their design throughout the day, eventually winning the distance category by hurling a projectile over 70 metres. A second team built a suspension system for a simple Mars buggy to allow a load to be safely conveyed across a simulated, undulating Martian surface. The day concluded with the testing of bridges designed and built by one team from each school. Each bridge was tested to failure, in front of everyone present, by running a trolley with ever increasing weight across the deck of the bridge. Our teams performed well in most of the activities and, at the end of the competition, Guildford Grammar School had the most cumulative points and was declared the Champion School. All of the students who competed displayed a high level of initiative, excellent problem-solving skills, and outstanding teamwork. Mr Gary Foster Head of Science Faculty 13