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SENIOR SCHOOL Catalyst : reflections Milinda (7Be) As a student from the Preparatory School it was a big adjustment having to move for every class in Year 7. The Senior School is a big place, but I have got used to it. It didn’t take too long to learn where I was going and where I needed to be – I have only got lost once! I have learnt that I really like the opportunity to study Discovery courses as they allow you to learn about things you enjoy and they also add some diversity to my learning at school. I also really enjoy the sport options and the coaches are supportive and helpful. There are also lots of opportunities to compete for your house in sport and many other activities which may also see you awarded House Colours for commitment and contribution. There have already been a number of experiences that have helped me achieve my best. During training for volleyball I had a talk with my coach Matt about my serving technique and how I could serve better. He gave me some really good advice and now I’m getting all my serves in. Recently I was having some trouble with my HASS Action Project so I asked my teacher for help. Mr Wildman gave me some tips on researching which I found very helpful in accessing information and how to use it correctly in my project. I have enjoyed getting to know a lot of new students and have also made some new friends. I am feeling happy and positive about school. Michael (7Fr) The thing I have enjoyed most about transitioning into the Senior School is that we must take responsibility of ourselves. I have also enjoyed making new friends and being part of Freeth House. When I was in junior school, our teachers would make most of our decisions for us. When you get to Senior School you have to decide whether you will make good decisions or immature ones. One example is the decision to stay at your House or go to Chapel when you arrive late on chapel morning. When thinking about what Senior School would be like during the Christmas holidays, I did expect the work load would increase dramatically. Now that I have experienced a full term as a Senior School student, I have learnt that it is not as big a step up in terms of class work as I initially thought. Homework expectations do increase but I’m finding it manageable. I have learnt a lot about myself by getting involved in extra-curricular activities and by doing subjects I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to do at school before commencing Year 7, such as Small Business Project and Technology and Materials Studies. When I was in junior school I wouldn’t have thought that I would be able to learn more than two languages. In junior school, I learnt Japanese and now I am also learning Chinese. I have learnt that I can do things I didn’t think I could do, like debating and representing my house in the House Music Eisteddfod. These opportunities have helped me learn how to manage my time and feel confident speaking and performing in front of an audience. It has also been a great privilege to play sport for my new school. 12