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SENIOR SCHOOL Benjamin (7SG) I came from a small primary school in Ellenbrook and found the Senior School to be a huge place, in a good way! My teachers are great. They are completely interested in me and willing to answer all my questions. The ladies in the Tuck Shop are really nice too! One of the courses I am currently studying is Technology and Materials Studies. I really enjoy learning how to use the machinery in the workshops. At the moment I am making a puzzle box and cutting out the design I have created on a laser cutter. It’s really great being able to use this sort of technology. I also like the fact that I can go to the library any day I choose and can take out more than two books. There are also teachers in the library after school each day who can help with homework or anything you might be having difficulty with in your subjects. Overall I am enjoying Senior School and any worries I had before coming have all gone. Lewis (7Fr) In my transition to high school the thing I have enjoyed the most is the PSA sport. It has been fun and I was lucky enough to be selected for the Year 7 Football A team. I was also selected to be Vice-Captain for my A Football team and Basketball teams and this has really helped me achieve my personal best and inspired me to try harder and achieve so much more. I have also enjoyed the freedom compared to primary school. We have had the opportunity to select many of our courses and therefore have the chance to study courses that enhance the things we’re good at. My favourite and most enjoyable subject at school has been Music Concepts and Creation X. It has been fun and I have learnt that I am really good at music. When I first came to the Senior School I was worried about the amount of homework I would have to complete, but I quickly found out it isn’t that difficult to manage, especially if you do your work in class and plan your homework. Barclay (7SG) My transition from a very small country town primary school to a very large high school has been great. There are many more opportunities and a lot more people! One of things that has really impressed me coming to Guildford Grammar School are the Science labs and all the Science resources we get to use in our lessons. My old school didn’t even have a prop W"66V6R"vW&V2wVFf&B2WfW'FrR6VBvRƖfR2&&FW"26w&VBB26W'FǒFffW&VBBFR&Vvr@fVBvv&BB6VvrƗfrvFBbFW"&2'WBW6V@FBrB&VǒV&&Fr&V6W6RN( 2gVBFR7Ffb6&R&W@RvRfRFR'GVGFFG2b&V7&VF7FfFW2vVVVG0v6VגffW&FR2&VVr6W"FrvFFW"&&FW'0גV"w&WfRWBBbWr7GVFVG2g&FffW&VB660BFR6RWrg&VG2R6V&BbWr6662FƶpFFffW&VBVRB'vWGFrffVBFR&&Fr7FfFW2@WfVG2ffW"