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AROUND THE SCHOOL so that there is a natural connection and continuity in the opportunities for students as they progress through the School. The girls will participate in one performance sport, a compulsory element in the school calendar, and a development sport that we are targeting as a school to develop as student numbers grow. In Years 7-8 students will be able to participate in swimming, athletics, cross country and triathlon. Where possible, boys and girls will have a number of opportunities to compete together and as mixed teams. New students have selected their sports preferences and the School is in the final stages of confirming the program. Many of the required changes to our school facilities are well underway or have been completed. The majority of our toilets and change rooms are operational. All of our house toilets in particular have had a full refresh, benefiting both our boys and our girls. Our multi-purpose courts are all complete and we are now able to host a full suite of netball activities in the Senior School. The Schools’ Master Plan is currently under review by the School Council. It includes the location and early design of a new boarding facility for both