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FROM THE ARCHIVES From the Archives: Henn’s House 1962 Back Row: T M Newnes, J M Davison, J E Leeson, R H Watkins, B M A Ghazali, T H Geh, J Ko, J Mc Johnston, L G Bartram, R V Hudson, J B J Bayly, M W Treloar, M D Brooke. Third Row: Fifth Row: M W Reid, S C Lavinder, P M Newnes, B W Bywater, R E Wilson, C W Reid, M L Hogg, J A Clafton, G N Collins, W T Martin, PJ Emory, D R Errey, G Snook. Second Row: P A Rintoul, C R Stout, A B Jamal, P F Foreman, M H Paterson, Mr A J W Clarke, Mr F W Chinn, R B Ismail, C P Tan, J F Dunne, M R Macaulay. Fourth Row: R D Walker, J W Growden, D M Ohrt, D R Clarke, A D G Dempster, R A Randall, R T Sadleir, S G Carroll, P R McLagan, J E Ladyman, C G Sadleir, A J McDaniell, P M Sadler. Front Row: M O’Shaughnessy, N A Wallace, D L Bond, H Hamzah, K V Sadleir, B J Rose, M M Fowler, K Scott, G J Morgan, I D Brett, R J Millsteed, G R Gibson, C G L Hebiton, S T Rintoul. L E C Coppin, R T Bayly, D C Craven, B S C Joel, R A Stokes, A C Stokes, R J M Carter, I R Royce, T C G Fam. Not in photo: P Boucousis, K Herbert, J Keir-Cross, P T Scanlon. Stirling House 1962 Can you help identify the boys in the 1962 Stirling House photo? A list of possible names can be supplied by the Archivist. Please contact Rosemary Waller on (08) 9377 9212 or email Thank you to all the Old Boys who helped identify the 1962 Henn’s House photo published in the last Forward. 5