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Nikola Andonovski ( Wb 2008-2012 ) is the new School Programs Officer ( North ) for the Western Australia Cricket Association . He is responsible for all schools within the Eastern Suburbs , Northern Suburbs , Western Suburbs and Midland Guildford regions .
Ben Griggs ( Ha 2008-2013 ) has enjoyed international recognition for his comedic short film called ‘ Nutcase ’. The film , about a middleaged woman suffering from a combination of hypochondria and bad luck , was one of 52 short films from around the world to be featured at the prestigious New York Shorts International Film Festival in May .
Kahn Crute ( Be 2012-2014 ) was awarded the 2017 Australia Day WA Young Community Citizen of the Year for the Shire of Wyalkatchem . He received this award because of his tireless volunteer work within the local and surrounding communities during 2015 and 2016 . Kahn ’ s work includes being a volunteer firefighter , Vice Captain of the Wyalkatchem Rifle Club , Coach of the Wyalkatchem Junior Hockey Team ( first premiership win in 24 years ), Coach of the Wyalkatchem District High School Hockey Team for Country Week 2015 ( travelling to Perth to compete against other district high schools from across WA ), Coach of the Mortlock Under 13 ’ s Hockey Team 2015 and 2016 for the WA Club Championships in Perth ( once again travelling to Perth to compete against hockey teams from across WA ). All of Kahn ’ s coaching positions have been done on a volunteer basis and all travel and accommodation involved has been at his own expense . Kahn has done this out of his love for sport and his willingness to give back to the community in which he grew up . This year Kahn has been coaching the Dowerin Junior Hockey Team and took them to their first premiership win in 19 years .
Yanni Keenan ( Sc 2002-2015 ) won the Royal Perth Golf Club Championship Cup ( Sunday 27 August ). Yanni is the second youngest person to ever win the Cup , in a competition that is against professional and seasoned golfers . During his time at Guildford Grammar School , Yanni was a part of the winning PSA Golf team .
Zoe Langtry ( Prep 2011-2015 ) was an elite gymnast and , while at the Guildford Grammar Preparatory School , attended a ‘ Spin to Win ’ day for Diving WA . This initiative was set up by the AIS to capture highly skilled / trained gymnasts and channel them into diving , pole vaulting and aerial skiing . Zoe was successful and was immediately offered a place in NEPP , which is the National Elite Pathway Program run by Diving Australia . She has quickly caught up to the more experienced divers and in these past months has hit some mile stones . In May 2017 , Zoe made a clean sweep of her age category to win gold in the 1m Springboard , 3m Springboard and Platform at the 2017 Diving WA State Junior Elite Championships and Pacific School Games trials . She qualified to represent WA at this December ’ s Pacific School Games ( Adelaide ) and was named overall NEPP / Junior Champion . Earlier this year she qualified with a personal best for the 1m Springboard for the 2017 Australian National Open Diving Championships ( incorporating World Championship trials ) at Olympic Aquatic Park , Sydney ( also in May ). Zoe made it to through the preliminary round to the final round , which was a wonderful effort considering she was up against older and more experienced divers . Zoe is the youngest non Western Australian Institute of Sport athlete to have qualified for the Opens from WA and was the youngest in her event which included current Olympians Maddison Keeney and Esther Qin . In the beginning of July , Zoe also competed in the 2017 Australian
National Elite Junior Championships held in Perth . She won gold in the Platform , Fourth in the 1m , and Fourth in Synchronized Diving with an interstate partner , despite the fact they had no training together . At the national awards night Zoe received the Most Outstanding New Talent Greg Hall Memorial Award and was given a place on the 2017 / 18 National Junior Squad , which allows her to be considered for selection for international events and represent Australia .
Griffin Logue ( SG 2011-2015 ) was featured in the West Australian ( 26 July 2017 ) discussing what it is like living with Fremantle captain and Australian Football League Brownlow medalist , Nat Fyfe . Griffin has been living with Fyfe since he was recruited by the Fremantle Football Club in last year ’ s draft . Fellow defender , Alex Pearce , is also a housemate . Griffin was a part of Peel Thunder ’ s second West Australian Football League Premiership win this year over Subiaco Football Club . Griffin kicked 1 goal on the day .
Albert Di Lallo ( Sc 2011-2016 ) is following in the footsteps of his relatives and has accepted a hairdressing apprenticeship .
Sam Taylor ( Fr 2012-2016 ) has been invited to attend this year ’ s NAB Australian Football League National Draft Combine . This was following an impressive year in the West Australian Football League as part of the Swan Districts side and the NAB Under 18 All Australian Team . In the 2017 NAB Under 18 ’ s Championship , Sam played a pivotal role as part of the Western Australian side and was selected as a backman in the All Australian side .


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OLD GUILDFORDIANS Nikola Andonovski (Wb 2008-2012) is the new School Programs Officer (North) for the Western Australia Cricket Association. He is responsible for all schools within the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Western Suburbs and Midland Guildford regions. Ben Griggs (Ha 2008-2013) has enjoyed international recognition for his comedic short film called ‘Nutcase’. The film, about a middle- aged woman suffering from a combination of hypochondria and bad luck, was one of 52 short films from around the world to be featured at the prestigious New York Shorts International Film Festival in May. Kahn Crute (Be 2012-2014) was awarded the 2017 Australia Day WA Young Community Citizen of the Yea "f"FR6&R`wƶF6VR&V6VfVBF2v&B&V6W6Pb2F&VW72fVFVW"v&vFFR6B7W'&VFr6VFW2GW&r#R@#b( 2v&6VFW2&VrfVFVW f&VfvFW"f6R6FbFRwƶF6VХ&fR6V"66bFRwƶF6VV 6WFVf'7B&V֖W'6v#BV'266bFRwƶF6VF7G&7Bv666WFVf"6VG'vVV#RG&fVƖpFW'FF6WFRv7BFW"F7G&7Bv662g&7&72t66bFR'F6VFW">( 26WFV#RB#bf"FPt6V"662W'F6RvG&fVƖrFW'FF6WFRv7B6WFV2g&7&72tb( 266p6F2fR&VVFRfVFVW"&60BG&fVB66FFffVB0&VVB2vWV6R2FRF0WBb2fRf"7'BB2vƖvW72FvfR&6FFR6VGv6Rw&WpWF2V"2&VV66rFPFvW&V"6WFVBFFVFFV"f'7B&V֖W'6vV'2ॖVV62#"#RvFR&W'Fvb6V"667W7VF#pVwW7B2FR6V6BVvW7BW'6FWfW"vFR7W6WFFF@2v7B&fW76B6V6VBvfW'2GW&r2FRBwVFf&Bw&"66v2'BbFRvr4vbFV०RwG'&W##Rv2VƗFPw7BBvRBFRwVFf&Bw& &W&F'66GFVFVB( 7Fv( Ff"FfrtF2FFfRv26WBW'FR2F6GW&Rvǒ6VBG&V@w7G2B6VFVFFfrPfVFrBW&6rRv27V66W76gVBv2VFFVǒffW&VB6RUv62FRFVƗFRFv&w&Ч'V'FfrW7G&Ɩ6R2V6ǒ6Vv@WFFR&RWW&V6VBFfW'2BFW6P7BF22B6R֖R7FW2#rRFR6V7vVWbW"vP6FVv'FvvBFR7&v&&B67&v&&BBFf&BFR#pFfrt7FFRV"VƗFR660B6f266vW2G&26RVƖfVBF&W&W6VBtBF2FV6V&W.( 26f266vW2FVFRBv2VBfW&UV"6V&ƖW"F2V"6RVƖfV@vFW'6&W7Bf"FR7&v&&@f"FR#rW7G&ƖFVFfr6626'&Frv&@66G&2Bǖ2VF2&7FW6RFRBFF&VvFR&VƖ֖'&VBFFRf&VBv6v2vFW&gVVff'B66FW&r6Rv2Wv7BFW"B&RWW&V6VBFfW'2P2FRVvW7BvW7FW&W7G&Ɩ7FGWFPb7'BFWFRFfRVƖfVBf"FRV0g&tBv2FRVvW7BW"WfV@v66VFVB7W'&VBǖ2FF6शVVWBW7FW"FR&Vvr`VǒR66WFVBFR#rW7G&ƖWFFRW"6F7BFWF0rআW&RVWW"6F7BFWF27W'&VBBvFFR766F( 2vV'6FPFWFFRW"f&FFW"fVGW&W2f"V&W'26VFR'W6W72F&V7F'Fr6WFF2&WVF2V&&ƖB&RvRv6VWR&WGFW"f&VB&WBFR7FfFW2`FRBwVFf&F2766FBwVFf&Bw&"66wwrFwVFf&F26Pv^( &Rf6V&FƖRW"f6V&vRBwwrf6V&6FwVFf&F0FVƗFRV"662VBW'F6RvvBFRFf&fW'FFRBfW'F76&旦VBFfrvFFW'7FFR'FW"FW7FRFRf7BFW@G&rFvWFW"BFRFv&G0vBR&V6VfVBFR7BWG7FFrWpFVBw&VrV&v&BBv2vfV6RFR#rFV"7VBv6w2W"F&R66FW&VBf"6VV7Ff"FW&FWfVG2B&W&W6VBW7G&Ɩw&ffwVR4r##Rv2fVGW&VBFRvW7BW7G&Ɩ#bVǒ#rF67W76pvBB2ƖRƗfrvFg&VFR6F@W7G&ƖfF&VwVR'&vrVFƗ7BBgfRw&ff2&VVƗfrvFgfR66PRv2&V7'VFVB'FRg&VFRfF&6V 7BV.( 2G&gBfVrFVfVFW"WV&6R26W6VFRw&ffv2'BbVVFVFW.( 26V6BvW7BW7G&ƖfF&VwVR&V֖W'6vF2V"fW"7V&6fF&6V"w&ff6VBvFRF&W'BF62##b2fvrFRfG7FW2b2&VFfW2B266WFVB&G&W76r&VF6W66F"g"#"#b2&VVfFV@FGFVBF2V.( 2"W7G&ƖfF&VwVRFG&gB6&RF2v0fvr&W76fRV"FRvW7@W7G&ƖfF&VwVR2'BbFP7vF7G&7G26FRBFR"VFW"W7G&ƖFVFR#r"VFW"( 0666VBfF&R2'@bFRvW7FW&W7G&Ɩ6FRBv26VV7FV@2&6FRW7G&Ɩ6FRfPW"7FW2&RWFVFV@FFRf֖ƖW2Bg&VG2bFPfvrBwVFf&F3B&W6VW&62SRSbVFF2RCBCb&V4r3C"v''&'&r4rbw&&V7BCrSB6&W2&VFWv"cBcW&6R'&W7FfbSbcRG&'&BRC2CR''VW&WRSSr֖6V6RCBS6RVƖGB4rv"s"sbF( ''V6^( W&R3C"FVR7FVW&RRSrSrFfB4RRCSBw&Vv'4g"s2sb&&W'B'&2&RsrR֖6VFW'6RSc"WFW"B4r3B3b&6&BVv623rCF2fVV7Ffbs2bFW&V6Rv&BRSBcC