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PR E PA R ATORY S C HO OL Out of School Care Weather sends the children indoors and relationships flourish! We have had such a productive second half of the year! The weather has proved to be a dominant force and has had an impact on all the things we do. We have spent considerably more time indoors than ever, which has enabled us to indulge in activities we do not always get to do. We have such outdoorsy busy children in the centre that we rarely find ourselves looking out of the windows. On days where it has been bitingly cold, we have eaten afternoon tea inside, instead of on the verandah. This has been such a wonderful opportunity and creates the feel of a huge family gathering, something you might see in a movie: talking, laughing, passing food, sharing the events of the day and a sense of warmth and busyness. The children decided to welcome in spring with a “You look awesome in those sunglasses why don’t you wear them to my party” party! This was planned to the finest detail and facilitated by the educators. The menu was drawn up and the games and activities decided upon. The week beforehand, the resources were assembled and invitations designed and sent out. The children made up pass-the-parcels and an enormous muffin piñata made from Paper Mache. The disco ball was set spinning, the music played and the children played a variety of traditional party games. This activity was set in motion and grew organically with each new idea and element. Everyone participated and what was wonderful to see was the peer scaffolding taking place between younger and older children in the conversations and activities. We have grown this year. The biggest growth is in our relationships. Those the children have with each other, those they have with the educators and those that we as adults have with our families and colleagues. The depth of those relationships is tangible and shows itself in the interactions which take place. The Out of School Care Centre is truly a great place to be and we cannot wait to see what the future holds! Mrs Melanie Berrington Out of School Care Coordinator Little Explorers program for 3-year olds We are pleased to announce the launch of a new program for 3-year-olds, called Little Explorers, in 2018. Little Explorers will be run through the Out of School Care Program in alignment with the Early Years Framework. Delivered by a fully qualified Early Years teacher, the program embraces the philosophy based on ‘Being, Belonging, Becoming’ and continues the play-based, Reggio inspired, enquiry model already found in Out of School Care. Should any Little Explorers wish to access Before School or After School care, they will transition seamlessly into ‘My Time - Our Place’, the school age framework. The Little Explorers have their own identity and uniform and have access to all of the Out Of School Care facilities. Anyone seeking information on the program can contact the Out of School Hours Care Coordinator, Melanie Berrington, on 9388 9290 or email 37