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PR E PA R ATORY S C HO OL A busy year for Clubs Forty-five students from Years 1-6 enjoyed extending their pottery skills in the after- school Pottery Club during Semester 1 this year. Students created numerous ceramic pieces including bowls, platters, pencil holders, crazy birds, pendants and flower paper weights. Students would like to thank their teacher helpers Mrs Harris, Mrs Fillipi, Ms Marsh and Parent Helper, Mrs Haynes, for assisting Mrs Elliott. Art Parent Art Workshops The Prep Art Room hosted two inaugural parent art workshop sessions in Semester 2. This was an opportunity for parents to be creative in a peaceful, friendly environment, whilst meeting other parents and arts staff, and finding out more about the Prep arts program. Parents from both the Preparatory and Senior Schools created artwork exploring pattern and repetition, through the use of geometric or organic shapes. With over 20 parents enjoying the sessions and providing positive feedback, we look to offer further classes in 2018. Prep Artists and the Solstice Synesthesia In the lead-up to the Solstice Synesthesia, students in Year 5 spent some art lessons learning about the links between music and colour as experienced by artist Wassily Kandinsky, before being given free time to experiment with colour and mark making whilst listening to music. Benjamin Tang, Minudi Karunawardena, Mackenzie Knoop-Bender and Emma Pittman enjoyed the experience so much that they volunteered to join Head Art Monitor Thomas Hartland painting in the foyer of the DLD at the Solstice Synesthesia concert. Teacher Art Workshop Year 3 Sandcastle Art The Prep Art room played host to a teacher art workshop in Term 3, where teachers were taught basic experimental drawing and painting skills in order to free up creativity. Instead of being scared of the white paper and the end product, they jumped into it, exploring where the mixed media took them through loose gestural still life drawing, collage, oil and pastel work. Teacher creations are on display in the Prep Café. In Term 3, the Year 3 students focused on nature in art. After a very rainy morning, the lower playground became the perfect environment for some nature based play. At the start of the lesson, students were introduced to the concepts of ephemeral art and architecture. I then taught them how to sculpt and build sandcastle structures. In groups, students spent the afternoon designing and constructing sandcastle structures and cities. It was fabulous to see the teamwork, creativity and excitement, and hear the students’ responses to their wonderful creations. Dookoorniny Art Project Phil Doncan Live On Friday 23 June, artist and performer Phil Doncan came to the Prep School Assembly and wowed us with his amazing painting and dancing skills. After the assembly presentation, our class (5N) was lucky enough to have Phil Doncan come to our Art lesson and spend some time with us. He taught us that it is a good idea to plan and draft artwork in sketch books before starting the final artwork. We then had fun participating in a painting relay in teams of two. We had a lot of fun painting with Phil Doncan and we thank Mrs Elliott for organizing him to come and work with us. – Minudi and Dhinuk Rise of Sneaker Culture Art Excursion Year 5 Art students spent Term 3 designing and creating their own sneakers after visiting the Art Gallery of WA to view the touring exhibition “The Rise of Sneaker Culture”. The students had a wonderful time at the gallery and found the history and aesthetics of sneaker design extremely interesting. Thank you to all the Year 5 teachers and our special parent guest Mr Paul Hamilton, for escorting students to the Gallery for the day. The Dookoorniny project was an action- based learning project that saw they Year 5 and 6 curriculum collapsed in Week 9 in order for students to listen and respond to stories of the Wadjuk Noongar people, shared by Mr Barry McGuire. Students were then given the opportunity to create works, either dance, music or visual artwork, that was showcased in a performance at the DLD. Over 60 students chose to respond to these stories through visual arts. Each student spent an afternoon session brainstorming, planning and designing their own artwork response. These responses were then combined to create two collaborative 5 x 2.1 metre murals. One mural depicted the stories from the Gidgegannup site and the other represented the stories based around Kings Park. It took approximately six hours for students to paint the two mural panels, which formed the backdrop for the dance and music components of the performance. Mrs Leith Elliot Preparatory Arts Teacher 35