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PR E PA R ATORY S C HO OL National Science Week To celebrate National Science Week this year the Preparatory School held a Science Discovery afternoon. Students were invited to showcase their scientific inquiries, and parents were invited along to view the displays. In the Early Learning Centre the children displayed their work on the theme of ‘materials’ where they observed paper, rubber, glass and plastic. The year 1s showed off their green fingers by growing wheat seeds to investigate what plants need to grow, whilst Year 2 students displayed their inquiries of mixtures, including some fascinating colour changing milk. Year 3 completed a whole circuit of activities investigating how heat is transferred. They then challenged themselves to design a container to keep an icey-pole frozen for as long as possible. The Year 4s were working as geologists, looking at crystals and how they grow. They investigated what affect temperature had on the growth of crystals, growing their own colourful crystals to demonstrate what happens inside and outside a volcano. Year 5, who had been looking at states of matter and how particles behave, displayed a range of investigations. These included how to make the perfect glue using flour and water by looking at the viscosity of liquids, as well as how kinetic theory explains the behaviour of substances. The Year 6s also challenged themselves, with individual projects on display including “how volcanos erupt” and “plastic not so fantastic”, as well as investigations into the density of liquids and what happens when you mix them all together. During the afternoon there was also the opportunity to experience some science activities when boys from the Senior School came down to run some experiments, including looking at magnetism, chromatography, electricity and microscopes. To finish off the afternoon, students participated in The Great Egg Drop Challenge. Students had to use their science and technology skills to build an apparatus that would allow their egg to survive the drop from Mr Wight’s upstairs balcony. Many eggs made the drop but only a few survived! It was a fantastic afternoon that truly showed the enthusiasm and scientific curiosity students in the Preparatory School have for Science. Alexandra Hall Senior School Science Teacher 33