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GGS 1 Discipline : Social Science
Jasper Brieschke Liam Massey Max Cugley Minu di Umaya Karunawardena Olivia Crossen Rohan Bennier Thomas Nelson

Opti-MINDS Champions

Opti-MINDS at Guildford Grammar School is growing . This year three teams were entered into the creative thinking challenge which was held at Curtin University on 26 August .
All teams chose a different discipline to focus on over the six-week challenge period .
The three teams performed their ten-minute solutions to different problems in front of judges and an audience . Team One ’ s script was about time travelling to past and future communities to discover the perfect society . The team even visited Uganda , under Idi Amin ’ s time . Team Two had to create a structure that would protect a Kinder Surprise Egg , tested in different conditions . Team 3 travelled on the airline , ‘ Great Expectations ,’ to an island where residents communicated through rhyme , similes , hyperboles and other elements of English .
OPTI-MINDS State Finalists
GGS 1 and GGS 3 were selected to perform at the State Finals on 16 September .
This time the teams had just three hours ( not six weeks !) to write a script and then perform a ten-minute solution to the problem .
Additionally , all teams were given this spontaneous challenge
Explain the meaning of these letters / symbols written on a building – XPA , and what was the building used for ?
Team Three ‘ s solution was that X represented the roman numeral 10 , P was the 16th letter of the alphabet , and A symbolizes 100 % in a test . Altogether making the number 126 . They stated that the building was a Roman sleep theatre which could accommodate 126 Romans .
And the winner was GGS 3 !
They qualified for the National Opti-MINDS Creative Thinking Competition which was held at the University of Queensland on 14 and 15 October .
Mrs Carol Ray Opti-MINDS Coordinator
Facilitators : Carol Ray and Ashleigh Liggett
GGS 2 Discipline : Science / Engineering
John Pervan Alex Challis Adam Pinelli Jace Toohey Omal Deeyagaha-Waduge Ben Ferguson Jacob Lovell
Facilitator : Deana Graber
GGS 3 Discipline : Language / Literature
Malacai Berrington Kelsi Brennan Nandini Sharma Dior Bates Levi Rosetti Mackenzie Knoop-Bender Harrison Webster
Facilitator : Fiona Marsh

Athletics records broken at Quarter Carnival

The Preparatory School Quarter Athletics Carnival was held on August 23-25 in brilliant sunshine .
With electronic data from the previous three years now recorded , and a growing program of girls ’ only events , it was decided to establish separate girls and boys records from 2014 .
Whilst we acknowledge that there may have been faster or bigger results in the past we unfortunately don ’ t have that information recorded , but we will be able to maintain these records from this point on .
It was a fabulous three days with the overall lead fluctuating between South , East and North .
A huge congratulations to North who were victorious in the end by 50 points over South . Congratulations also to all of our record breakers as well as our champion athletes .
Mr Daniel Griffiths Preparatory School Sportsmaster