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SPORT Reflecting on rowing The Three Js in the 1st VIII, Joshua, Joshua and Joseph, share their thoughts on being part of the winning Challenge Cup team for the 2017 Head of the River. Joshua Logan Why did you get into rowing? I was inspired to join rowing when I was in an assembly during Year 8 and there was a presentation about the sport. I had always looked up to the students in the years above me who were rowers. The opportunity for me to officially become a rower arose when Mr Lovrich approached me one day with a change of sports form - the rest is history! What did you learn from your time in rowing? After four years of rowing I learnt the importance of being disciplined and committing to everything I do. I made mistakes during my time in rowing but I learned to overcome most of the challenges I faced. What does it mean to get a win at the Head of the River Regatta, especially as part of the 1st VIII. I couldn’t ever describe the feeling that I experienced winning Head of the River in the 1st VIII. As our crew crossed the finish line, I was unsure of how we had finished. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the Guildford supporters down at the beach cheering for us. I was overcome with the joy of winning after all the hard work we had put in. I saw the look on all eight boys faces; they were completely destroyed and I knew they had given it their all. It was by far the greatest feeling I have ever experienced. 26 Joshua Laurito Why did you get into rowing? I initially got into rowing just to stay fit for football season but once I started, I learnt to love the sport and being around my mates and amazing coaches. What did you learn from your time in rowing? I learnt a lot about myself and how hard I can push myself to limits I didn’t know were possible. A highlight of my time at rowing was being able to go from Year 9 through to Year 12 with my mates; enjoying wins and being able to push each other to breaking point in order to succeed. What does it mean to get a win at the Head of the River Regatta, especially as part of the 1st VIII. To win Head of the River is something that only happens to a select few boys. Just nine boys from Guildford Grammar School were able to train for six months and for that six-minute race. To be able to come out of that race first is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been involved in and I hope many more Guildfordians get the chance to experience what my mates and I experienced this year. Joseph Woods Why did you get into rowing? I realised that my basketball career wasn’t going to develop any further after playing a term in the 8C’s so I changed to a sport that I was curious about. The thought of one day being a 1st VIII rower was very appealing. Within weeks of starting the sport, I loved being on the water and the comradery of the boys I was training with. What did you learn from your time in rowing? I’ve met all of my closest friends through rowing, have learnt how to take my body to the limits and have gained mental strength and self-discipline. Although the training hours are long, you feel a sense of achievement when giving so much dedication and time into a single 6-minute race. The general experience of being on the water with a good crew of rowers was the main reason why I stayed in the sport and was so fixated on winning. A personal highlight of my four Head of the River wins is looking back at the Guildford Grammar School army on the beach cheering for us after we won the Challenge Cup. What does it mean to get a win at the Head of the River Regatta, especially as part of the 1st VIII. As I went through my four years and four Head of the Rivers, each victory became sweeter. To say I have been in a winning Head of the River crew is within itself a huge achievement but it doesn’t come close to being a Challenge Cup winner. As our crew rowed our final strokes of the ‘Toddie’, I looked back onto the beach and saw the support behind us; the massive GGS crowd was going nuts and that’s when I got a sense of what we had achieved. It’s a memory that will never leave me. I hold it as my greatest achievement to date and I doubt it will be topped. Winning all four was just a bonus and I guess it was reflected by the talent in our year group and the drive to succeed among the boys.