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SENIOR SCHOOL Capturing the campus Design students have been seen taking photos in various locations around the School with a focus (pardon the pun!) on scenic or creatively-angled shots to showcase our stunning surrounds and historical buildings. Armed with wading pants and cameras, we set out on this exercise by taking photos of our wondrous wetlands. We ventured into the lakes and reeds, walked up to the river’s edge and were able to take some scenic photos of wildlife and striking backdrops. We were privileged to get tips from renowned photographer Hugh Brown. Huge has travelled around the globe taking photos for Chevron, BP and many large corporations. His job can have him in helicopters, hanging off cliffs, climbing and camping in freezing conditions and has brought him to big cities, primitive villages and in some cases very hostile countries. The next part of our mission was to take photos using aperture in the Chapel. Some good shots were taken inside and outside. We also walked up to Woodbridge House and were greeted by a photogenic bird that was quite happy to dry his wings and strike a few poses for us. We hope we have done the area justice and captured the beauty of the environment that we are fortunate to be surrounded by daily. Ms Emma Brown Photography Teacher 25