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SENIOR SCHOOL Titrations success – students’ perspective Guildford Grammar School has experienced sustained success at the Titration Stakes competition over the past few years under the guidance of Mrs Siza Macdonald. With her support we worked on our titration skills over the course of Term 2 in order to perfect our techniques for this year’s competition. On Friday afternoons, we undertook our own titrations challenge, battling it out for selection in the state heats held at Curtin University on the evening of Tuesday 20 June. We entered three teams on the evening, including a Year 11 team who should now be in a good position for next year’s competition. The teams worked together on the evening in their teams of three to work out the varying concentrations of three different acetic acid solutions. The three Guildford Grammar School teams consisted of the following students: • Team 1 – Joel Moffet (12Fr), Archie Shaw (12Fr) and Matthew Simmonds (12Fr) • Team 2 – Daniel Irvin (12Ha), Thomas Stanicich (12He) and Ryan Wijayananda (12SG) • Team 3 – Jonathan Choong (11Fr), Damian Sakellaris (11SG) and Daniel Wee (11Fr) Upon all three teams finishing, we were able to discuss our results and enjoy some finger food whilst waiting for all of the teams to finish and the results to be calculated. With much anticipation we received the results of over 80 teams. The Guildford Grammar School teams placed as follows; Team 3 placed in 32nd position, Team 1 in 24th and Team 2 in 3rd position, with an error of just 0.000000118. After receiving some awards we were informed that Team 2 would be advancing to the state and national finals. Not only this, but would unfortunately be titrating individually with the results being accumulated contrary to the initial competition and our understanding. So we embarked on another 10 weeks of perfecting our skills in a somewhat trickier individual effort, which also involved the preparation of our own solutions. Ever confident, we arrived at Murdoch University after enjoying the traditional pre-competition Maccas run. After obtaining and calculating our results a little over half way through the evening, we began the waiting process which again involved small talk and finger food. We were somewhat disappointed with our result of 6th place statewide ranking as an ‘Excellent Team’ despite Daniel achieving a near perfect score with an inaccuracy of one part per million; the equal best result in the competition. Upon reflection we were quite unlucky, as we all received gold medals which would usually place you highly across the nation. Overall the competition provided a forum to challenge ourselves and improve our practical chemistry skills. We would encourage any chemistry students to get involved with the titration stakes, as it is also beneficial for practical work conducted in Year 12 chemistry, which contributes a significant portion towards your mark. Team 2 in the lab. 22 By Daniel Irvin (12Ha) and Thomas Stanicich (12He)