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SENIOR SCHOOL Fete no mean feat! The 2017 School Fete was held on 15 September 2017, following on from the success of the inaugural Fete in 2016. On this important FUNd-raising day, the Senior School community comes together to raise money for a worthy cause. This year all funds raised were donated to Oxfam to assist in their mission to alleviate poverty on a global scale. The fete was held on Friday 15 September on Chapel Close and was coordinated by the School’s Community Service Committee. The central location worked well this year and helped to keep everyone together and engaged. At the centre of the action was the stage where many of our student and teacher bands performed, providing entertainment for all and contributing greatly to the atmosphere. Ms Bannister joins the Cadets Each House was delegated a different stall to operate, ranging from selling food such as hot dogs and ice cream, to sideshow alley style competitions such as ring toss and basketball shooting. Additionally, the languages faculty, and student Aidan Parfitt (8Sc) also ran stalls that raised money for the Walk the Wall initiative ($514), and the Leukaemia Foundation ($290) respectively. Other popular attractions were the dunk tank, an inflatable obstacle course, and a bubble soccer arena. These large attractions were primarily operated by senior students and allowed students to engage in friendly competition with their mates. It was particularly impressive to see everyone come together as one in charitable spirit – working together and sharing the workload so that everyone could enjoy the day. At the end of the day we raised over $3,800 towards a multitude of causes, and a fete that highlighted our School’s culture and the comradery of our students. Special thanks to the students on the Community Service Committee and Mrs Selinna Forward for their tireless work in organising a successful event and laying the foundations for it to grow in the future. Toby Digney Community Service Captain I was thrilled when I learned of the possibility of joining Cadets once again. I immensely enjoyed my time as a member of the Australian Air Force Cadets as a teenager. When reflecting on the incredible experiences I was fortunate enough to enjoy, the friendships I made and the skills that I developed in those years, I realise now how much Cadets has had a positive impact on my life. It is very exciting that I can hopefully help other teenagers share the same journey. For me, Cadets has always been about the people, sharing knowledge of different skills and helping each other overcome challenges. You learn to work with your peers to achieve some amazing goals. As a Unit you are only as strong as the people next to you, so it really is a wonderful culture of helping each other. I have much to learn from CAPT Dell, 2LT Tolomei and the cadets, and hopefully I can share my experiences and knowledge with the unit going forward. Ms Sophie Bannister Media Teacher 21