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SENIOR SCHOOL Tip Three My third tip is that you have to realise that everyone is feeling the same. Everyone at some stage will feel overwhelmed, nervous and under pressure about starting Senior School – even the parents. Don’t worry – those feelings are completely natural. Everyone feels them, especially during such a big transition. You are not the only one. Let me ask, who in this room is nervous (or was nervous) about moving to Senior School? I know I was. See, have a look around, there are so many people with their hands up. For many of you I know you are also coming from a different school, not from the Preparatory School. If you stay calm and talk about your worries, you can overcome these feelings and then get the most out of school – both academically and socially. Tip Four My fourth tip is to make the most of all the opportunities that you are offered at Guildford. When you start in the Senior School, you will quickly learn that there is a club or group to do any activity you could dream of doing. You can do debating, drama or music ensemble. If it’s sport you love, you can do athletics, swimming, cricket and my favourite, football. Some of these are compulsory, but there are so many optional things that you can do also. Not only are they fun, but they help you meet new students, students from other years and other houses. Finally, Tip Five This is my biggest tip – know that there is always someone in the Senior School who will have your back. It might be your best mate, your mentor, or your Head of House. It might even be the counsellors or Father Philip. Or even some of the teachers and students in the front row. There is always someone you can go to. You will hear how special and unique the Guildford House system is – this isn’t just talk. It is really true. While Woodbridge House is the best house, I am sure that the other Houses are nearly as good. Woodbridge is the place where I go and I feel welcomed by the older boys. Hopefully with these tips you will not only enjoy and have a great time in the Senior School but get the most out of it and the most out of you – while having fun of course! I hope that I have excited you about being a part of the Guildford Grammar Senior School Community new year. Fergus McNamara Year 7 Woodbridge Ten years of Book Club The Senior Library fiction area was transformed on Saturday 19 August as former students from the past ten years of GGS Book Clubs gathered to celebrate with a literary lunch. The Book Club graduates were joined by Senior Chaplain, Father Philip, who remarked later “It was a joy to see so many “old faces” and catch up with where they are; but more excitingly it was a delight to listen as they readily spoke of their reading books today.” The coveted Book Club T-shirts were worn with pride by most of those attending, a symbol of their final graduation and farewell from Book Club. Older members and newly minted graduates chatted over cake as they browsed photos of their younger selves and added to our map of Book Club graduates now living as far afield as Stockholm and Singapore. Older Book Club graduates found the new Book Club room in L2 quite a change from their Book Club days, whilst recent graduates felt quite at home there. Ten years ago at the behest of the Director of Library Services, Michelle Pritchard, Evening Librarians Alison and Merriwyn Spicer-Wensley invited a small group of keen recreational readers to join them in starting a Book Club. It quickly became apparent that two Book Clubs would be required since senior and junior students had after school commitments on alternate days. Posters, notices and visits to a few English classes were used to invite interested students to get involved in planning how their Book Club would run. This student-centred approach has remained a feature of Book Club, with members deciding when to all read the same book, read different works within a genre or by a particular author and when to share recommendations and reviews based on their current reading. Over the years Book Club has been busy with: • Online discussion • Book crossing • Regular meetings with Perth College Book Club • Attending author events • Author visits • Excursions to see film adaptations of books • Literary excursions such as book crossing excursions and a visit to the newly built Perth City Library. We look forward to future reunions as Book Clubs continue to grow at Guildford Grammar School. A love of reading is a wonderful way to bring people together and an interest that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Alison and Merriwyn Spicer-Wensley 13