FORUM Fall 2016

FORUM ADVANCING THE PROFESSION AND THE FUTURE PROFESSIONAL FALL 2016 VOL. 49, ISSUE 1 Getting Social at National Conference BY REAGAN VAN CLEAVE PRSSA NATIONAL CONFERENCE PROGRAMS DIRECTOR The PRSSA 2016 National Conference is an opportunity unlike any other to grow as a professional. The five-day National Conference will be held on Oct. 21–25 in Indianapolis. Conference attendees will be immersed in professional development sessions that cover topics from entertainment to politics to social media. Networking is at the forefront of this Conference, with more than 1,000 students from universities across the country along with numerous industry professionals, all in one location. Indianapolis, nicknamed “The Crossroads of America,” is home to the nation’s largest single-day sporting event: the Indianapolis 500. This year’s 100th anniversary brought in over 300,000 fans from around the world. Rev your engines because this race-themed Conference will bring the race experience to you. While there is plenty of time for personal and professional development during Conference, there are a handful of events designed to give attendees time to wind down and meet with mem- bers from other Chapters. On the first night of Conference, after a long and exciting day of career tours (pre-registration required) and Chapter development sessions, we will welcome you to one of the most exciting events — “The PRSSA 500” Opening Night Celebration. This event will truly kick off the Conference since everyone will be in attendance, so feel free to chat and dance with new friends and Chapter members. Dress for the celebration is more casual than the typical business attire required to be worn throughout Conference. Many other activities are scheduled for attendees, such as the fireside chats and resume critique sessions. Both of these sessions give you one-on-one time with experienced professionals. Make sure you pre-register for these events early because spots are limited. In addition to these specialized development opportunities, attendees will be able to meet see page 6 Take Time to Make Time FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK work for everyone, but these are just a few ways I manage my time effectively. GETTING AN D STAYING PRODUCTIVE BY EMMA FINKBEINER PRSSA NATIONAL PRESIDENT Between PRSSA meetings, part-time jobs or internships and classes, sometimes it can be difficult to check off the boxes on your to-do list and make some time for yourself. Isn’t “work hard, play hard” everyone’s #goals? If you’re anything like me, you probably say “yes” to just about everything someone asks you to do and apply for just about every opportunity that comes your way. This isn’t a bad thing, but balancing your personal and professional time is important to a healthy lifestyle. So whether you need some advice to get and stay productive or rather to slow down and make more time for yourself, here are a few tricks to try. These may not OPEN FORUM 2 Views of downtown Indianapolis. Photo courtesy of Downtown Indy. Even the hardest working people can fall into a slump. Fatigue, writer’s block, that Netflix show you need to catch up on distracting you — it happens to the best of us. But oftentimes, if you can get started on a single task, simple or bold, the motivation to continue will follow. When I have a long to-do list in front of me, I’ll often do something easier or quicker than other items on the list, like load my dishwasher or start some laundry. This not only gets me started on a productivity train, but it gives me an opportunity to take a break from work later to finish these simple tasks, i.e., switch the laundry or put away the clean dishes. LET’S GET VISUAL I am a person who responds to visuals, and this plays a role in my productivity level in a few ways. First, written to-do lists and calendars absolutely keep me on track. The satisfaction of crossing EXISTING TO UNITE How the Firm at Ball State University promotes unity in their community things off or turning the page in a calendar on a successful week keeps me motivated. Your work space also can be a visual cue for productivity. Before I start my day, I make sure my desk is clean and organized. I like to display my calendar and to-do list on one side of my computer and my trusty cup of coffee on the other. I try to avoid working from my bed or couch as much as possible because those aren’t areas I associate with a productive work environment. Finding your own personal space in which you work well, and therefore associating that place with tackling your todo lists, can save you from missing deadlines. CREATE A SYSTEM OF REWARDS A N D ACCOUNTABILITY Charles Duhigg wrote a fantastic book, “The Power of Habit,” that has influenced the way I cue and reward my work routines. Finding the routine that works for you is key. I prefer to set a work schedule each day with goals to meet, but that still allows for unstructured time. During the week, I try to get up at the same time each morning. Habits and cues 4 see page 3 Meet the Champions BY SARAH DOUGHERTY PRSSA NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT OF CAREER SERVICES The PRSSA and PRSA networks are available wherever you go. One of the most important networks available to members is Champions for PRSSA. The Champions are professionals who have volunteered to share insights and network with PRSSA members seeking mentorship. They are an invaluable resource for members to build relationships and succeed. This article officially launches the new “Meet the Champions” series, which will feature a Champion in each issue of FORUM. 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