Fort Worth Business Press, June 2, 2014 Vol. 26, No. 22 - Page 34

34 On the desk of John Phillips “ (The Standing Desk) makes me more productive, I believe. And maybe if I’m believing it, it’s actually happening.” – John Phillips, president, Mansfield Methodist Medical Center 4 3 5 2 1 6 Standing desk gives 6-foot-4 John Phillips a different office perspective F Photos and Interview by Kenneth Perkins From a health and wellness standpoint, it makes perfect sense for a Mansfield Methodist Medical Center president who spends the bulk of his day sitting in meetings to avoid doing so in his office. So John Phillips avoids it. The MMMC president has a standing desk, which zips up – or down, his choice – at the push of a button. This works well for Phillips, and not just because he towers at 6-foot-4. Here’s what else he has on his desk and in his office: CEO of Methodist Health System, Stephen Mansfield, gave this to his executives.. “His take on making sure we believe the most precious resource in health care is the employees. Having the best employees and engaging them in what they do makes us a better hospital and results in better patient care.” >> 1 1501 Ways to Reward Employees: The 3 The Boss for The Boss: “I love my Cadillac Ranch, and Born in the USA is a classic. And Glory Days is becoming more and more relevant.” 4 To- do folders: “This is where all the 2 Water cup: Not just any water cup to stay hydrated but a QuickER Cup, which promotes the hospital’s relatively new online scheduling for less emergent cases through the emergency room. “Pa- 2 3 tients can go online and schedule visits to ensure they have limited to no wait time to be taken care of.” 4 work comes in and hopefully goes out pretty quickly.” 5 The proverbial inbox: “One of our big projects is the expansion where we are doubling the size of our 5 7 campus. We’re building a second patient tower, so the inbox is always quite full.” 6 The movable desk: “This also makes transitions so much easier. You can spend 10 to 15 minutes on emails, and if you need to go somewhere, you are not transitioning from a chair. You just turn and go.” 7 Gift coins: Local coins from the city of Cedar Hill, Methodist Police and Mansfield Fire and Rescue. ”A nice gift from our partners.” 8 In The Name of the Patient: “We take our patient experience very seriously. That’s a book we’re going though as a leadership team in improving patient care and experience.” 8