Fort Worth Business Press, June 2, 2014 Vol. 26, No. 22 - Page 11

news | June 9 - 15, 2014 11 “We need to inspire and empower small-business owners.” — U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, R-Austin Roger Williams previews tax-slashing strategy n A. Lee Graham Roger Williams believes he can fix what ails America, and the Texas congressman and Weatherford car dealer provided a brief glimpse recently in Fort Worth. Speaking June 3 at a Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Williams, R-Austin, touted a taxslashing initiative called Jump Start America. “I think this will turn America around,” said Williams, speaking to about 250 Fort Worth area businesspeople at downtown’s City Club. Promising to release details this summer, Williams said the plan would cap corporate income tax at a flat rate “whether you’re Bill Gates or Roger Williams.” The inheritance tax, which Williams called “the most unfair tax in the world,” would be scrapped under the plan. Employees and employers would see the payroll tax cut in half, as well, Williams said. The congressman, whose District 25 photo by alyson peyton perkins Roger Williams spoke at a June 3 Chamber of Commerce luncheon. For additional photos from the event, see FRAMES, Page 24. stretches from Austin to Tarrant County, revealed little else about the plan, its authors, his specific role in its creation or its funding mechanism. But what little he revealed met with applause. Though not in campaign mode, at least for himself (his two-year term expires in 2015), Williams beat the drum for conservative candidates in the N