Formica Range - Page 7

12 13 Retro has never looked so striking. 1 2 3 4 1 Countertop VirrVarr Light Blue 6944-58 2 Countertop VirrVarr White 6943-58 3 Wall / Pillar Natural Cane Naturelle Finish 6930-NT Retro and refreshing. Bowling never seems to go out of style and neither do Formica® Brand Products. With a retro nod, but entirely modern, Formica Corporation brings back true classic patterns like Boomerang and VirrVarr in their original colors. Formica Brand Laminate is easy to clean and scores high in durability, so even the most wild ball won’t cause concern. Cheers! 4 Table Base Maple Woodline Naturelle Finish 6925-NT