Formica Range - Page 4

6 1 Never give up on the art of play. 2 4 3 5 Toy Display 1 Pumpkin MicroDot Finish 4152-MC Shelf Dividers 2 Orange Pop Plastique 6911-58 Shelf Dividers 3 Electric Plastique 6910-58 Toy Display 4 Vibrant Green MicroDot Finish 6901-MC Toy Display 5 Lime MicroDot Finish 4177-MC Toy with color. Kids squeal when they’re happy. A toy store is a kid’s domain so surfaces must match the mood. By playfully mixing all the bright colors, exciting designs and unique finishes available with Formica® Brand Laminate, you can create a space that makes everyone happy. You’ll know by the squeals of approval.