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2 3 Meet the Exclusive Finishes from Formica. MicroDot Finish We’re proud to present two new, exciting finishes for woodgrains and solid colors, plus classic designs inspired by the original colors. MicroDot takes solid colors to a new dimension. In response to a growing trend toward adding texture to solid color and adding geometry to design, we’ve created a finish that adds a dose of modernity to solid color. MicroDot is ideal for spaces that need color and texture to become design elements in their own right. And Reacquaint yourself with our Classics. Naturelle Finish Naturelle rises from a global trend away from glossy wood finishes and toward a softer, dry-wax look. Naturelle features a fine ticking feature giving a natural, rich wood appearance. The finish is ideal for office furniture, retail spaces, business and bank buildings, hospitality and healthcare facilities or anywhere a truly natural wood look is desired. Classics Collection Classics are back by popular demand. Boomerang in the original colors has been a common request from designers working on diners, restaurants and residential kitchens. It is back in 4 historic colors that recapture kitchy-cool. The beloved VirrVarr, a European pattern that means criss-cross in Swedish, suddenly has new appeal with modern designers in search of classic Euro design.