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30 31 Special Products Grade Options Grade 10 General Purpose Grade: (HGS, Nominal Thickness .048"(1.2mm)) The most widely specified grade; recommended for horizontal and vertical interior applications. Grade 12 Horizontal Postforming Grade: (HGP, Nominal Thickness .039"(1.0mm)) Outside radius to .5" (12.7mm) and cove radius to .1875" (4.8mm). Postformable to permit bending on suitable commercial postforming equipment. Use whenever forming is desired for decorative or functional purposes in interior applications. Optimum postforming temperature is 325° F (163° C). Note: When used with a polished finish, Grade 12 is recommended only for light-duty horizontal surfaces. Grade 20 Vertical Postforming Grade: (VGP, Nominal Thickness .028" (0.7mm)) Outside and inside radii to .375" (9.5mm). A forming grade designed for vertical or light-duty horizontal interior applications requiring radiused edges. Thinner than Grade 12; excellent for postformed radii. Installed panel width not to exceed 24" (609.6mm) maximum. Grade A3 Chemtop2™ Postforming Grade: (LGP, Nominal Thickness .038" (1.0mm)) Designed for interior horizontal and vertical surfaces where resistance to chemicals is necessary. Ideal postforming temperature is 288° F (142° C). Formica Chemtop2™ can be postformed to a minimum .5" (12.7mm) outside radius and .1875" (4.8mm) inside cove radius. Slight whitening in the cove is normal and does not indicate a product defect. Grade 32 Fire-Rated Vertical Grade: (VGF, Nominal Thickness .032" (0.8mm)) Intended for use in vertical and horizontal interior applications which require low flame spread ratings to conform to building codes. Classified by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. and meets most military and marine specifications. Slightly thinner than Grade 50. Available only for selected Fire-Rated Laminate items. Grade Selection Guide Consult this chart to determine the recommended grades for typical application. Horizontal Grade 10 HGS (General Purpose) Grade 12 HGP (General Purpose Postforming) Grade 41 HCSP (Colorcore) Grade A3 LGP (Chemtop2 ) ™ Formica Corporation offers laminate products for specialty applications, as well as products to complement our standard lines. Chemtop2™ Laminate: Formica Chemtop2™ is a chemical-resistant laminate that is intended for application to interior horizontal and vertical surfaces where design, appearance, quality, durability and resistance to relatively harsh acids, alkalis, corrosive salts and other destructive or staining substances are required. For more information, see Formica Chemtop2™ brochure (Form No. 15-001). Fire-Rated Laminate: Formica® Brand Fire-Rated Laminate meets Class 1(A) flame spread ratings and is available in a selection of solid colors, patterns and woodgrains. It is listed by Underwriters Laboratory Inc., and meets the following standards: FAA Part 25.853 (A&B) Noncommercial aircraft U.S. Coast Guard, Subpart 164.012 MIL-P-17171 E (SH), Type IV MIL-STD-1623 D (SH) Canadian Reference: ULC Classification as per ASTM #84 (ULC 723) and NFPA 255. With two grades suitable for general purpose, nonpostforming applications, this laminate is ideal for most military and marine applications. For more information, see Tech Data – Fire-Rated Laminate (Form No. 02-120), Data Sheet – Fire-Rated Laminate/Ship Building (Form No. 01-078) and Data Sheet – Fire-Rated Laminate/Building Products (Form No. 01-077). Thick Phenolic Laminate: Formica® Brand Thick Phenolic Laminate is available in thicknesses up to 1". Its exceptional strength allows the product to be used as a structural material. Uses include toilet partitions,