Formica Range - Page 10

18 19 MicroDot Finish Collection Naturelle Finish Collection White Sail White Lime Vibrant Green 949-MC NEW! 463-MC NEW! 4177-MC NEW! G 6901-MC NEW! G Naturelle stems from a trend switch in global wood preference. Instead of a glossy finish, Naturelle has a softer, dry wax look with a fine ticking for a natural wood appearance. Natural Cane 6930-NT NEW! G Neon Yellow Sol Pumpkin Grenadine Maple Woodline 6900-MC NEW! G 3209-MC NEW! G 4152-MC NEW! G 6902-MC NEW! G 6925-NT NEW! Peaceful Blue Oxygen Steel Cassis Smoky Walnut Woodline Wenge Woodline 231-MC NEW! G 1998-MC NEW! G 1484-MC NEW! G 6903-MC NEW! G 6926-NT NEW! 6927-NT NEW! Grasshopper Organic Green Dark Chocolate Black Latte Walnut Macchiato Walnut 3234-MC NEW! 6904-MC NEW! G 2200-MC NEW! G 909-MC NEW! 6931-NT NEW! 6932-NT NEW! Cherry Woodcut Mahogany Woodcut 6928-NT NEW! G 6929-NT NEW! MicroDot Finish features subtle concave circles arranged in a tight grid formation available on a wide selection of solid colors. Very modern, very cool. Zebrano Ebony 9011-NT NEW! G = Global (Available in North America, Europe and Asia) Prior to making a final decision, please view an actual sample. G 9012-NT NEW! G