Forest Bathing International Magazine, Issue 1 - Page 24

The Forest Bathing

Tea Ceremony

Forest Therapy Guides incorporate tea into their walks. In Japan, tea may be served in the middle of the walk, sometimes after gentle yoga. Guides trained in the U.S.-based Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides serve tea at the end of the walk, using it as an opportunity for participants to reflect on their experiences.

The forest bathing tea ceremony is not to be confused with the formal tea ceremony of Japan. Each guide develops their own way of serving. When possible, tea is made of plants harvested along the trail. Guides carry backpacking stoves to heat water, or may bring an thermal bottle with pre-heated water instead.

Developing one's unique tea set and ceremony is a great joy. A guide's understanding of the importance of tea develops over time.

Teas change with the seasons. Sipping slowly from a freshly brewed cup, we receive the forest, taking it into our bodies.