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The video with this article includes the exact moment when one of the little ones launches. In the video you can observe a bluebird parenting technique: when the nestlings are ready to leave, they are very shy. So the parents “fake feed” them, pretending they have food for them when they have at most a tiny morsel (instead of the normal meadow grasshopper), and luring them out of the box for their first flight.

There are other interesting behaviors in this video. Rather than point them out, I'll leave them for you to discover. That's part of what sit spot is about.

Bluebirds are a blessing at sit spot. Keeping and maintaining boxes for them requires attention and skill, and this too deepens knowledge and the sense of relationship. The bluebirds have found their way into my heart, as friends, and as part of my family. Tending their boxes is a practice of reciprocity, relationship, and tenderness.

If you decide to keep Bluebird boxes at your sit spot (or anywhere else), I highly recommend joining the North American Bluebird Society. Their quarterly newsletter is a delightful compendium of articles by scientists and Bluebird enthusiasts, and often has important information about some of the surprising threats to songbirds. You can learn from the Society’s website much about Bluebirds and how to build, install, and care for nest boxes for these delightful little wild friends.

More information:

North American Bluebird Society