Forest Bathing International Magazine, Issue 1 - Page 20

Forest Therapy Immersions | 2019


Forest Therapy Immersions are an opportunity for anyone, with or without prior experience, to have a direct experience of the power of forest bathing.

When you participate in an immersion, you experience the gentle power of forest bathing. Our guides will help you to slow down, to connect to the forest with your senses and your heart, and to invite the forest to bring you what you need.

As guides, we don't prescribe any specific outcome or experience. We know that when you slow down and become present, you and the forest will find exactly what is needed.

In most immersions, about half of the participants are trained guides, there to renew and deepen their own practices. If you are considering training as a guide this a great opportunity to meet others who have done so, and to get their perspectives about the training.

Besides providing a lovely experience of forest therapy in relaxed, beautiful settings, Immersions are an opportunity an in-depth exploration of a core aspect of guide knowledge and skills, such as Way of the Guide, Liminal Journey, the Language of Invitation, the Circle Way, and more.

Upcoming Immersions

Council of Waters and Trees

Restorative dialogue with other-than-human species

Farmhouse Inn, Georgia | 17-21 March 2019


River Dart, England | 20-26 May 2019

Amos Clifford and Christy Thomson

Way of the Circle

Methods and role of circles in deepening connections

Northern California | 13-16 April 2019


New Hampshire | 18-21 May 2019

Ben Page and Pamela Wirth

Mountain Forest Therapy Immersion and Way of the Guide

The core framework of ANFT's school of forest therapy

Germany | 11-15 June 2019

Amos Clifford and Christy Thomson