Foreign Comic Collector - Page 32

So, the very noticable hole in this set is of course, the absence of the American 35 cent price variant. I realize this set is not complete until I can acquire that book. Let’s just say that this is an important factor not lost on me. Also of note is to mention how many foreign editions do not use the classic Chaykin artwork. I do not include them in the set because of the criteria I have put forth. Hope this clears up some questions our readers might have. 32 I also collect the American variants and reprints of this issue but the foreign books are my favorite part of this set for sure! The many years, time, effort, and money to build this global set have all been worth it. It also wouldn’t have been possible without the help from my many foreign niche friends, contacts, and family! I hope you enjoy checking it out. Matthew Roybal Editor, FCC Magazine