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Welcome to Foreign Comic Collector Issue 6, Dec. 2015 All images are copyrighted and propterty of thier respective rights holders When Howard Hallis first contacted me about a foreign Dr. Strange article, I was intrigued for sure. But, it wasn’t until I started seeing all of the amazing cover scans Howard was sending me that I got really excited! This collection was huge, varied, and really freakin’ cool! There were numerous countries represented and a huge assortment of collectables including toys. Now Howard created his article on his own, and laid it out for me with great skill! Because of layout and design realities, I re-purposed his creation for the magazine so it fit within its bounds here a bit better. I would love for the readers to see this article as he originally intended it. Please go to our blog page where you can view and download his article in all its original glory! The next feature was written for you by my good buddy Tim Bildhauser, our associate editor. His amazingly difficult Mexican Swamp Thing run is a very worthy achievement. I have personally watched on the sidelines as Tim has spent countless hours, days, months, and years searching with great focus for these rare issues. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed checking out this crazy feat. Also, I decided that with the Star Wars sequel anticipation building, it seemed a perfect time to feature my Star Wars #1 set. It has taken me many frustrating years to build this thing, and like many journeys it’s been a mixture of extreme joy and downright frustrating impossibility at times. With focus and hope, most of the books that we know exist for this set have found their way into my collection. I hope you all enjoy seeing this global set of this all important book. Matthew Roybal, Define999 FCC Managing Editor On the Cover Howard isn’t messing around when it comes to Dr. Strange everything including foreign comic editions. So why should we mess around on the cover? We put him with a few of his babies on display. D octor Strange! The Marvel Master of the Mystic Arts has been seen up until recently as a supporting character in the Marvel Universe—taking a back seat to A-List super heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the X-Men. Now that his movie has been announced, collectors have shown a new interest in the Sorcerer Supreme. I’ve been actively collecting all things Doctor Strange Featured in This Issue: Dr. Strange Worldwide - 3 Howard Hallis might have the largest collection of foreign Dr. Strange known! by Howard Hallis since 2002, and have amassed one of the world’s largest collections of his comics, prints, posters, cards, and collectibles. Here is an assortment of various Dr. Strange items I have found from all over the world, starting with British foreign editions. Enjoy! Part One : The United Kingdom Mexican Swamp Thing - 26 Tim Bildhouser is a hardcore Bernie Wrightson fan, and he made it his mission to find the entire Mexican Swamp Thing Wrightson run. These books are very rarely all in one place. Limelight: Foreign Star Wars #1 set and The Massive Foreign Focused Collection of Howard Hallis - 30 Editor, Matthew Roybal stopped thinking rationally when he decided to build a Star Wars #1 set. Check out the results of his passion in this issue. F-Con 1 write up - 34 N. Scott Robinson contributed a write up about the largest gathering of foreign edition collectors ever! Check out our new forum where you can be a part of the discussion. Come join us at SPIDER-MAN COMICS WEEKLY #23 This UK only cover features dynamic scenes with Spidey, Thor and Dr. Strange. 2 3 UK CAC 96 CONVENTION PROGRAM Bryan Talbot did the fantastic cover for this 1996 UK Comic Convention. MARVEL SUPERHEROES AND THE OCCULT WINTER SPECIAL This cover has never been reprinted in America.