Foreign Comic Collector - Page 16

YOUNG DOCTOR STRANGE was an Italianonly release that introduced a teenage Master of The Mystic Arts. The book and story has yet to be printed in the US. It was published in Italy as a prestige hardcover graphic novel. LEFT: GLI ALBI SUPEREROI I DIFENSORI #1 reprints the first appearance of the Defenders in Marvel Feature #1. RIGHT: SPIDER-MAN & DR. STRANGE reprint of Marvel Team Up #21 as it appears in an Italian hardcover Spider-Man graphic novel. 16 ABOVE: A rare 2-pack set of Dr. Strange #0 and a reprint of L’Uomo Ragno #1. The L’Uomo Ragno #1 is one of the most valuable Italian comic books, selling for $500 and higher. It also features the first Italian appearances of both Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. BELOW: Italian editions of The Defenders. NEXT PAGE: The Marvel Tarocchi Tarot Deck (1995) featured Dr. Strange as The Magician and had his image on the back of each card. This Italian deck is long out of print and extremely rare.