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I will wait for your response on the political situation, I find it intriguing that there could be some consequences of American foreign policy having some effect on the acceptance of American licensed material. VC. Well, as for the political issue… it is a fact that anti-Americanism in Greece has its roots in those junta days where freedom, on any level, was canceled and the nation paid severely after the Turkish invasion with thousands of Cypriot refugees fleeing in the southhern part of the island and the motherland Greece. The poor sales of Kabanas’ Marvels though happened exclusively because the material was way beyond the standards of the common comics reader of those days, primary school kids. If the publisher aimed from the start at a more adult audience and had some respect for it maybe the result would have been different. In 1981 though Along with translating Vasilis is also an illustrator. This illustration was published in 2006 for a magazine called “Rock the War”. another magazine started its run in Greece, a magazine created specifically for adults. It was called Babel and collected material only from politically driven European magazines like the Italian Linus and Frigidaire or the French HaraKiri and a couple of underground American creations. It wasn’t the first of its kind but it was the most consistent with great respect for their readers, good to perfect translations and a very innovative art department. It also presented some of the greatest European comics of all time. But that great magazine carried an equally great flaw: it hated, as was to be expected, the American mainstream comics, especially the superhero comics. So, in the following years, a strange theory was adopted through fragments of many articles that were hosted inside the magazine and in the minds of some of the Greek comic artists that published their work there. A theory, that even I, who had collected all of the Babel issues had never thought possible that anyone could believe in, that I’ ll try to describe with a few words: “The superhero mythology was created in the shadow of Nietzsche’s superman theory, a theory that had fascist and racist characteristics al